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Today, various websites are accessible on the internet, and Reddit is one of them. No wonder this site has become one of the most visited sites around the globe, as it pretty much offers almost anything. But it can be confusing if you’re not yet familiar with its contents.


Basically, it is a vast collection of forums that covers almost every topic you could imagine from animals to politics, TV shows, movies, and a lot more. One of the stuff you can see in Reddit is relevant videos of your chosen topic. For first-timers on the website, most of the questions would be if they can download reddit videos hassle-free. Definitely, and here are a few of the easiest ways to do so.

Download Using RedV

RedV is one of the most straightforward ways to learn how to download reddit videos. However, one thing you need to remember in using this downloader is that it only allows you to download audio and video separately. But there is nothing to worry about if you want to download both in one file as you may still use their desktop app to do so.


The first thing you want to get to be able to download a reddit video is the video link. Once you’ve got the link, paste it on the white bar in the middle of the website. After doing so, click the orange arrow. A page showing the video will open, click the download button and choose the folder to save the file and continue with the download process.

Download Using RipSave

Another hassle-free way to download Reddit videos is RipSave. Compared to other methods, this one is more flexible and offers more choices for quality. It is bendable as it gives you an option to download an m4a audio or Mp4 videos. Although the source can be a significant factor, your videos can still go from 240p to 1080p.


To download using this, go to the RipSave website first. Paste your copied URL in the. Click on the purple download button, and you’ll be routed to a page that gives you quality options. You may click on the orange download button, and a green “Download.mp4” pop up should show. Right-click, then rename to save your file to a designated folder.

Download Using Viddit.Red

Downloading videos from Reddit becomes easy once you have the best tool, and one of them is through, one of the most convenient Mp4 downloaders for Reddit. Unlike the RedV, this one gives you the option to separately download the audio and video or combined in an Mp4. Not to mention you can also convert audio into Mp3 format.


If you want to download a Reddit video using this option, visit their website. You should see a white box, and that’s where you paste your URL then click on the submit button. You may download your video without audio by clicking on the three vertical dots or download with a good quality video by clicking “Download HD Video.” “Audio Mp4 file”, “Convert to Mp3” and “Thumbnail JPG file” buttons are available too.

Try Using A Video Downloader App (Android)

Due to modern technology, downloading videos is not only limited through the Reddit desktop application. People may also opt to download videos using their mobile devices. It may be a whole different process and may need a video downloader application to complete the process.


Once you have successfully downloaded the application on your phone, you may go to your chosen Reddit video. You may navigate the video using the app since it worked as a downloader and browser in one. The app will automatically detect the video, and then an orange button will appear. To download the video, you need to tap on the button.


It is given that Reddit is a bit complex. First-timers to visit the site may find it challenging to navigate, but it will always be a matter of familiarization. When it comes to downloading videos, it is highly recommended to use the ones that are easier and more convenient for you. The internet may be offering many tools to do so, but make sure to use those that won’t compromise your data and privacy security.

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