Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

The internet has made many things possible especially for a business or company owner who wants to gain visibility online and gain customers’ patronage.

People are increasingly using the internet to source for businesses and services to patronize, but it doesn’t stop there. They don’t just visit your company website, read through your offer, and make a decision as you might think.

When potential customers visit your online page or website, they go through everything they see; they browse through your reviews, look out for social media addresses they can visit, and even visit business directories on the internet.

A very popular research tool among customers right now is the business scan tool. This tool contains a search engine technology that scan on businesses. ScanGator even can searches through management contacts, background checks and customer reviews. It basically provides any information concerning businesses on the internet.

What this means for a business owner is that you have to be on top of things to find out everything that is being said about your business online. Your marketing team must constantly look out for your online reputation and make sure it is good.

Your online reputation is reflected in the way people regard your business and in what light people see you.

When people say bad things about your business whether true or not, it can chase away potential customers if you don’t address it and set things straight. Managing your online reputation entails making sure that the reviews, comments, and materials people can find on your business are good.

I bet you wouldn’t want your potential customer to blacklist your business over a situation you could have controlled. That is where building a reputation comes in.

Importance of Building Your Online Reputation

 It will last for a long time 

 The internet has made storage and archiving of information possible so that they can be accessed many years after they were uploaded.

This means that people can still see a negative review years after it was posted. Hence, people can hold an opinion about your business based on what they see on the internet.

It Affects your Sales 

Consumers put your online reputation into consideration before making a buying decision.

Findings have shown that 73% of customers build trust for local businesses based on positive reviews.

  • 85% of customers treat online reviews as personal business recommendations.
  • 97% of customers who look for local businesses online read business reviews before making their decisions.
  • Also, 49% of customers will only patronize businesses with 4-star ratings and above.

 Your Online Reputation Spreads Far

Just as word of mouth spreads far and is much trusted by people everywhere, a customer’s rating can go as far.

Customers will leave you good or bad ratings based on your product quality, customer service, delivery time, and many factors you might not take into consideration.

Regardless of the reason for their rating, it will reach billions of people who could also tell others until it spreads faster than you can imagine.

You have a Chance to make it good 

With the right management practice, there is always an opportunity to turn the negative perception of your business around and build a positive reputation.

Poor rating or negative reviews of your business or service allows you to respond in a constructive manner that will turn things in your favor.

Taking note of all the comments made about your business allows you to change wrong perception, correct mistakes, and also learn from them.

In the end, you always have an opportunity to make things right.

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