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Vape TricksVape Tricks

Vape tricks are fun to try when you get a new flavor or pen that you want to test the limits of. Here are some of the most popular tricks to try, how to practice them effectively, and where to start if you are just getting introduced to vape tricks.

Popular Vape Tricks

Dragons Breath

This one can be a bit complicated for beginners, but once you pull it off, it’s a great look. Simply exhale through your nose after using your vaporizer, and then make sure your mouth is open on the corner edges of your lips. This will release clouds from the edges of your mouth and nostrils, similar to a breathing dragon. All the focus of getting this one right will be on how tightly you can keep the middle of your mouth shut. Expect this to take a few tries to get right.

Waterfall Pour

For liquid users, you can use your vaporizer to perfectly drop a waterfall-like effect onto a surface. The best place to practice this one is on a flat countertop or table. Simply exhale slowly in a smooth release after using your vaporizer, and target a particular area for your cloud to land. If you have a popsicle case or some kind of cold container handy, you can even catch the cloud and pour it out for a more precise effect. This will take a little bit of prep time on your end for freezing water at the bottom of the container to increase the effectiveness of your cloud.

Experiment with this one and enjoy it, it can have some really cool looks with different light exposure and backdrops.


The twister effect has a ton of room for a more exotic, artistic approach. After using your vaporizer, let the cloud drop down onto a flat surface, and start swirling it up with your hands or a precision tool. You can get a great twist and spin it up exceptionally high if the cloud is thick enough. Once you have more experience trying this trick, you can start bending the shape and trying new designs in the air, creating a really cool effect that’ll impress even the most experienced vape users.

Give these tricks a try today with any variety of flavors. The better the flavor, the more fun practicing and trying new tricks will be. Check out your local Kissy Vape shop or digital store shelves today to get started!

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