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First, allow us to start with a matter. Why will we need carbon fiber cue stick shaft? What’s wrong with the traditional wooden shafts?

Billiard players generally must make a choice from lightweight and good performance. Confusing right?

In other words, either the cue shafts are too heavy and extremely difficult to handle or if the shaft is lightweight, it’s not strong enough.

It cannot hit the ball hard enough and supply proper shot feedback.

What is the pool cue shaft material?

Many pool players are confused while thinking right shaft material. Some of the best materials like carbon fiber material for cue shaft is good to start with.

Carbon fiber pool stick shafts have proved to be a blessing in disguise for all the billiard players. Carbon fiber may be a material that’s both light in weight and powerful.

Apart from being tough, the carbon fiber shaft also produces a lowered deflection rate than the traditional wooden shafts.

So if you’re knowledgeable or a beginner player trying to find an honest shaft for your pool cue, then you must definitely opt for a carbon fiber one.

Factors to appear at while buying cue stick shafts:

Cost: While buying a carbon fiber pool stick shaft, the price may be a major hiccup that comes within the way. Carbon fiber shafts are way costlier than the conventional solid Maple wood pool stick shaft.

Although if you can’t afford a carbon fiber shaft, it’s not the top of the planet. you’ll always select an honest quality Maple wood shaft and there are many those to suit your budget. it’ll also provide you with a really good performance and sturdiness

Tip diameter: The cue tip is accessible in an exceedingly kind of sizes. The cue tip diameter of your sports implement shaft depends on the amount of experience you have got during this game

Cue tips with a smaller diameter are generally employed by professional players. Larger the cue tip diameter, the greater the expanse of the cue tip available to hit the ball. Beginner players are generally advised to shop for cue stick shafts with a tip diameter of around 13mm.

Expertise: you ought to look at your skills and also the years of experience you have got in playing billiards before purchasing a pool stick shaft

A common problem with the carbon fiber cue stick shaft is that it’s not beginner-friendly. Players are generally seen complaining lots regarding the time it takes to urge a footing on the carbon fiber cues. Moreover, the shafts are difficult to regulate. So if you’re a whole beginner during this field, we propose you opt for a traditional wooden cue shaft.


Presently, many of us think that the carbon fiber shaft is simply a technique to form more cash from people and is nothing special, we definitely think that there are lots of things which prove that they’re much better the traditional shafts and that they play a major role in uplifting your performance.

All the above-listed products are the most effective carbon fiber sports implement shafts and that they fulfil all the factors of the most effective cue case.


Are carbon fiber shafts worth it?

Carbon fiber shafts may be pretty expensive but they’re definitely worth your money for providing a wonderful performance.

Do carbon fiber shafts warp?

Like normal wooden shafts, carbon fiber shafts can withstand heat and temperature and that they don’t warp.

How am I able to clean a carbon fiber shaft?

You can use a microfiber cloth to scrub a carbon fiber shaft.

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