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Magic mushrooms are an ancient healing ingredient that has fascinated the minds of millions for decades, sparking curiosity yet skepticism. Even to this day, not much is known about the supernatural fungus. Modern science has only just begun to scratch the surface of its hidden superpowers. Still, shroom aficionados are quite familiar with its psychedelic effects and life-changing nature that is revealed after a healthy dose. For most of the Western world, consuming magic mushrooms 100% legally is a somewhat distant dream, but not so distant for Canada. In the far North, you can order it right to your doorstep. One dispensary, Mungus, is leading the way in shroom cultivation, proving to be one of the most reliable dispensaries in Canada. Let us dive right into how you can heal your mind and body with Mungus magic mushrooms.

Healing Powers of Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms)

As mentioned earlier, shrooms have been a spiritual phenomenon for centuries. Shamans used this fungus in their medicinal teas and brews- a practice that is still performed in our modern-day world. It is known to cleanse the spirit and help “the self” reconnect with its true nature by activating areas of the brain that, under normal circumstances, are not dominantly active.

The health benefits of magic mushrooms have a wide range: peaceful mood, improved focus, heightened creativity, increase in self-confidence and ambition, boost in energy levels, mental stimulation, mental clarity, better recognition of memory, increase in critical thinking, and anxiety/depression reduction. That last point is essential because most psychedelic research is conducted around how mushrooms can cure anxiety and depression. No matter what you choose to use shrooms for, they will serve a healing purpose for your mind, body, and spirit.

About Mungus

The Vancouver-based company, Mungus, is one of Canada’s most reliable, most trusted magic mushroom dispensaries. Believe it or not, Mungus was one of the first to bring shroom sales to Canada; they call themselves the originals. They helped pave the way for the cultivation of psilocybin products and natural shroom blends. Throughout each stage in their process, from research to growing, Mungus’ focus is on producing a 100% organic, natural product; each spore, extract, or blend ingredient is sourced from the highest-quality producers- all found locally around the Vancouver, BC, area.

What makes Mungus stand apart from the rest is their commitment to excellence along every step of the way during producing, cultivating, creating, shipping, and talking with customers. Mungus brings a positive mindset into their interactions with customers, living by their mission to cater to customers to the best of their ability. It should also be mentioned that a considerable part of their success comes from their forward-thinking goals- to make the Earth a better place, to broaden people’s minds, to stimulate creativity in our world.

Aside from their forward-thinking mindset, the mushrooms Mungus cultivates are enough to make any psychedelic connoisseur interested. Their shrooms unlock the mysteries of the brain, producing powerful effects that stimulate creativity in the mind’s eye. Other than microdoses and root extracts, Mungus produces whole shrooms. If you are among the curious and bold, take a look at their Golden Emperor, Golden Teacher, Mexicana, Transkei, and PES Amazonian strains.

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