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The cleaning business is rapidly evolving during this time of disease outbreak. It welcomed the advancement of the cleaning systems to effectively and efficiently keep the facilities sanitized. However, this opportunity will necessitate the users and business owners a comprehensive knowledge of the new system. Proper training on how to utilize the products is the key to maximize the features that go with it.

The EvaClean System, which uses electrostatic spraying technology, introduces the advanced cleaning methods to different sectors. During this pandemic, businesses must use top-grade electrostatic spraying systems to maintain the sanitation of every surface of their offices. Also, this is a more economical and useful technique compared to the traditional way.

The rise of electrostatic technology

Users of conventional spray equipment found issues with their transfer efficiency; more chemicals went to the floor and other areas than sprayed on the targeted surface. It appeared to be costly for the owners.

Through the discovery of electrostatic spraying systems, the transfer efficiency rate increased due to the magnetic force between the targeted surface and spray chemicals. Many industries have found the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of the technology to their operation. 

Embracing the new system

Since today’s industries are struggling to implement disinfection procedures, the introduction of the EvaClean System should have been years ago. Nevertheless, it was only recently that the electrostatic spraying equipment became user-friendly, economical, and portable. Through such development, service contractors and facility supervisors can have a more reasonable and cost-efficient approach to disinfection solutions.

The latest electrostatic spraying system offers a 10-times higher disinfectant rate and broader coverage than the traditional equipment. These benefits are ideal propositions to institutions that are continuously being proactive in their enhanced disinfection procedures.

Proper implementation procedures

With the extensive adoption of the electrostatic spraying technology comes the responsibility to enforce proper handling guidelines. It is crucial for the safety of the public and the cleaning professionals to reinforce the correct utilization of the equipment and adequate chemical application.

The absence of these guidelines may cause reckless misuse. Chemical manufacturers should see to it to educate the buyers about using appropriate chemicals according to sprayer specifications. In addition, knowing the required amount of chemicals, correct spray patterns, and charge mechanism are all pertinent details to the custodial team. Disseminating such knowledge to the operators is vital for their safety. The proper usage of the machine will allow total optimization of the sanitizing processes.

Simple staff training for the efficacy of the process

In the cleaning industry where staff turnover is prevalent, simplified training programs are necessary. To successfully introduce the EvaClean System to the cleaning staff, streamlining the guidelines is essential. Continuous training about electrostatic technology bridges the gap in operator experience levels and ensures a steadier outcome.

Sufficient training requires physical exercises such as touching the surface to remove pathogens and trying every cleaning equipment. Trainees are quick to respond and learn if they have the opportunity to do it themselves. Allowing them to feel the surface that appears clean from a distance will let them discover that tiny particles are still present, and it needs cleaning.

A worthwhile investment

Rigorous research about the proper implementation and guidelines of the new disinfection technology is pivotal to the health and safety of the public and workers in a business establishment. However, the benefit of mitigating the widening public health crisis for the future is worth every penny spent.

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