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Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships: Crucial Differences to Know

Some people are not sure whether they are living in a healthy or unhealthy relationship. There are many ways to tell which side you are on and understand what is needed of you at any given time. Generally, a healthy relationship brings happiness and understanding between the two partners. On the other hand, those who are unlucky enough to have an unhealthy one are rarely happy because of the high level of manipulation and abuse. To help partners understand where they are, let us look at the main differences between these two types of relationships.


As mentioned, there is a major difference in happiness between the two types of relationships. According to experts, a healthy relationship is a complete package of happiness for both partners. Actually, this should develop automatically from a positive relationship. Unfortunately, some couples are not happy about their relationships because of various problems, but something tells the partners to still cling to the relationships.


A healthy relationship is full of respect for one another. This means that the other person’s opinions, inputs, warnings and interests matter a lot. There should be respect in the tone during communication, whether one is happy about something or not. Most importantly, correction is done in a respectful way. On the contrary, an unhealthy relationship lacks this, and it is full of abuse, use and even violence.


It is said again and again that a relationship should include proper communication. People should communicate effectively the same way they used to text and call when they first met and fell in love through the Happymatches website. Even many years later, lovers in a healthy relationship can spare time to text, video chat or call during the day even if they will meet later in the day. Unfortunately, this is not the case if the relationship is unhealthy. Communication is cut off, and this has an adverse effect on both of you.


This is another key difference between these two types of relationships. It is crucial for partners to keep their private life and disputes between themselves as a couple. When all is healthy, this happens, but when things are different, this is no longer important. People find it easy to discuss their private life with friends. Worse still, it finds its way onto social media. If you happen to find your partner posting an argument that you had on her or his social media platform, this is a red flag that you are living in an unhealthy relationship.


The common adage “to err is human” applies to all people. Your partner might make a mistake, but this does not mean that she or he does not deserve a second chance. Those in any healthy relationship will seek forgiveness and restoration while an unhealthy one will focus on revenge. If the latter is the case, it is better to quit before hurting each other more.


Every person should focus on living a healthy relationship to be happy and content. But this happens if one finds the right partner. Luckily, online platforms make this process a lot easier and more straightforward.




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