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Eating healthily is becoming an increasingly popular option for many people. It can be argued that this is directly connected to the global pandemic. As people have endured lockdowns and other restrictions, it has been more difficult to make healthy food choices.

But, with the end of the pandemic glistening on the horizon, people’s thoughts are starting to turn again to healthier eating. Of course, as people start to venture back to restaurants they’ll want to see that the hygiene standards are exemplary. If you’re running a business it’s a good time to take a look at your current hospitality supplies and make sure the one you have meets the right standards.

  1. Gut-Friendly

Foods which are beneficial to your gut have been popular for a number of years and this trend appears to be here to stay. This approach to eating has been linked with better immune systems as research suggests 80% of the immune system is tied to gut health.

In terms of what is allowable to eat, gut-friendly foods focus on improving the environment for your gut.  This means avoiding processed foods and choosing fresh options, as well as yogurt and other foods with gut-friendly microbes.

  1. Chickpeas

This is very specific but it seems likely that Chick Peas will become a staple part of many diets, it’s no longer simply an ingredient to make hummus. In fact, chickpeas can be used in many dishes, replacing the need for flour.

The bonus is that you can still enjoy comfort foods, they are just made with chickpeas instead. Of course, chickpeas count as one of your five-a-day.

  1. Convenient Vegetables

You already know that vegetables are good for your health. Of course, the issue with vegetables is that they tend to take a while to prepare and cook.

The good news is that this year is going to see a lot more pre-prepared vegetables. Alongside packets of pre-prepared vegetables, you’ll find an array of sauces that have real vegetables in them. In addition, there is a variety of healthy options, such as waffles made from zucchini and carrots.

  1. Gluten-Free

The gluten-free diet is only really necessary for those suffering from Celiac disease. For these people, eating any gluten product will inflame the gut, causing pain and discomfort.

The trend has been to move away from gluten-based foods and start using brown rice flour and almond flour.

However, you should note that a gluten-free product is not automatically a healthier option. You should choose foods that are not processed.

  1. Alcohol-Free

There is increasing interest in drinking non-alcoholic drinks. This is because people are becoming more aware of their own thoughts and feelings. Alcohol tends to blur your emotions, making it harder to choose the right path. That’s why alcohol-free cocktails are likely to be exceptionally important this year.

Trends are constantly changing but those that tend to stick around are those that are easy to understand and adhere to. That’s why the above 5 are likely to be so popular during 2021.

By Pankaj sharma

Pankaj Sharma is a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. He covers topic like business, education, travel and entertainment stuff with fun. He's continued blogging and keep on inspiring other bloggers for the living.

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