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No children are alike. Children differ not only in terms of physical appearance but also in terms of social and emotional development, as well as personality and behavior. Every child has a different lifestyle for their growth and development. Mealtime also plays an important role in it. It is crucial to provide the best foods for children’s growth. A well-balanced diet contains essential nutrients that can help them get off to a healthy start. There are different stages to a child’s growth and development:


Child Development Stages


(1)  Infant Development: Infant growth and development proceeds in a foreseeable and orderly way that is inherently determined. Many people consider infancy to be the time between birth and the age of two when a child’s language skills begin to blossom. The baby is a living, breathing being who is constantly evolving and needs proper nutrients. Therefore, baby food for newborns is equally important as correlated to a well nutrient balanced diet for grown-up ones.


(2) Toddler Development: During the ages of two to four, Children require proper nutrition to grow, learn, and develop. This means that your children desire nutrition and beverages that are high in nutrients but low in calories, fats, and sugars, to build a powerful core for a healthy life. Fulfilling tasty nutrient-rich meals at every meal is the key to grazing a healthy family which also helps to strengthen the immune system.


(3) Childhood Development: Children have higher activity levels and nutrient requirements due to their fast growth. However, due to their small stomach capacity, they are unable to consume enough food to receive all of the essential nutrition from their regular meals. As a result, you must start feeding your child nutritious foods at this age to ensure that he or she gets all of the macro and micronutrients that will help bridge the nutrient gap.


(4) Teenage Development: Teenagers eating ways are significant because body differences represent a person’s nutritional and dietary prerequisites. They are evolving self-sufficient and making many of their food preferences. Many teenagers go through a growth surge and an increase in craving, necessitating the consumption of healthy foods to alleviate their nutritional requirements.


The dietary requirements of children will change as they grow. Nutrition is critical not only for their physical health and growth but also for mental development. If a child does not eat enough throughout the day, he or she may become exhausted and lack energy. To get that energy back, Iyurved has come up with some food supplements for kids at affordable prices that are: (a) Kids-approved chocolate spread fortified with actives that support daily nutrition for kids. (b) Kids-approved powders fortified with actives and have ingredients that are best for health issues like low immunity, compromised growth of brain, muscles, and bones, weaker eyes, disturbed digestion, sleep issues, hormonal imbalance, hyperactivity, weight issues, allergies etc and (c) Ready to add: Atta pre-mix fortified with actives that support daily nutrition for kids. When kids fulfill their stomach with the right nutrition food then they will have less space for poor nutrition foods.

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