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teen patti rulesteen patti rules

Learning teen patti rules and following them a very effective for the game participant of the Poker game teen patti. If one follows the rules of teen patti keeps this base and moves ahead in the game the chances are higher of winning the game of teen patti. 

Here are some hand-ranking key highlights that give you a quick understanding of the game. 

Teen patti rules of Hand Ranking chart

S. No.Hand RankingDescription
1Trio or Trail (Three of a kind) When all three cards are of identical number and position, it is known as trio cards. If the card you are having is three Aces of the diamond, it is the most effective card and the most inferior rank in this set is three cards or two cards.
2Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)  All three cards are in sequence with the same color then it is called a pure sequence. If you get Ace, King, and Queen in a series, you have made a pure sequence.   
3Sequence or Straight  Here, the three cards are the constant teen patti rules series in numbers but with additional colors. For illustration, you can get King, Queen, and Joker in various colors.  
4Color or Flush  three separate numbers with the same color known as color-ranked. The number should not be in sequence. For instance, you have three diamonds, a heart, or a spade with the same color and different numbers.  
5Pair or Double  In between three cards, if you have two cards of a similar number. You can get hand pairs like Ace-Ace-King. But Ace should be in the same rank and same value.  
6Only High Card or No Pair  If you don’t have the set of cards with the above-mentioned combination, you can play with the only high card you have.

Teen patti rules 5: Win

As per the teen patti rules the winners in the game are chosen by chance, but the 3 Patti rules can make all the contrast. Let’s see the winning teen patti rules:

  • The player owning the most elevated hand ranking of the cards finally beats the game.
  • Everyone apart from the one player who folds or packs their cards, and then that player is declared the winner. In this case, they win all of the accumulated amounts in the pot, however, the teen patti sequence held.
  • If everyone apart from the two players who fold or pack their cards, continues to stake until one bids a compromise and the other conforms. The Teen Patti sequences of both participants are then resembled, and the one with the higher-ranking card wins the round.

Final Words 

There are a lot of variants and rules in the Poker Game teen patti but the mentioned teen patti rules are some basic and always reliable rules. By knowing these hand-rankings users can easily survive in the game and if they do practice it the player can achieve a good place and money in the game as there are some other teen patti rules and variations that can help anyone to become master in the game. On the official website of teen patti we can see some succus stories of the champions all the champions started from zero knowledge but slowly and gradually became the champions of the Poker Game Teen patti by following the basic rules of playing teen patti. So anyone can start from zero but with persistence and consideration anyone can become a hero in any kind of task teen patti is just like that so follow the hand ranking and become GOAT.

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