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Hemp, one of the oldest and most sustainable building materials, is staging a comeback in the United States. Also known as hemp-lime, it is a bio-composite material made from the woody core of the hemp plant mixed with water and lime. The result is a light concrete that is highly insulating and retains thermal mass. Being a renewable material, it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment, human health, or animals. 

If you are also considering to build your dream house using hempcrete, here is everything you need to know-

Using Hempcrete Is Legal

Each state/country has varying rules laws based on the sales, usage, cultivation, and transportation of hemp. All it depends upon the THC content in the hemp plant. Growing hemp in America was considered illegal for years due to its association with the psychoactive Marijuana plant. However, the 2018 Farm Bill allowed the growers to produce industrial hemp again. In most parts of the United States, the THC content of hemp to be categorized as legal is 0.3%. The farmers have to purchase the seeds from the registered sellers. And, their crops can be inspected once in a while.

You Save Money On Building Construction

The large unit size and lightweight of hempcrete blocks can reduce the construction costs by up to 25%. With its density less than that of water, it reduces the dead loads of the building as compared to bricks or other traditional building materials. It results in considerable savings in concrete and steel. 

Besides, the large block sizes require fewer mortar joints. And, the flat surface of hempcrete requires less plastering. With the use of lime in hempcrete, the wall is set to get stronger with time, increasing its durability. 

If you intend to build a hempcrete home, shop hempcrete & hemp building products from registered manufacturers. Even if you are considering a self-build project, seek professional guidance, and avoid costly mistakes.  

What Are The Benefits Of Building With Hempcrete?

Not only is  hempcrete good for the environment and the health, but it is also a superior building material in several ways. Thus, choosing this eco-friendly material as a part of your home or office build is a no brainer. Some of the highlights of the benefits of hempcrete are as under:

Hempcrete Offers Good Humidity Control

As Hempcrete is hygroscopic, it absorbs humidity present in the air. It is capable of holding and shedding moisture, depending upon the climate and weather. When there is a lot of moisture in the air, the hemp walls will absorb it from the atmosphere. On the other hand, when the humidity is low, it begins to shed moisture. 

It Has Good Thermal Mass And Insulation Value

If you use hempcrete in building, there is no need for extra layers or insulation within the walls. The reason is, hempcrete has a good ability to absorb and release heat. During the day, the walls absorb heat. And, by the night time, the walls will begin to release the heat. So, it eliminates the need for an HVAC system and helps you save money.

Hemp Is Resistant To Fire, Bug, and Mold

Hempcrete contains lime, which has natural fire-resistant qualities. Thus, the hempcrete walls become highly fire-resistant. Also, hempcrete walls keep bugs and mites at bay. Moreover, hempcrete and can regulate humidity or shed moisture when it gets oversaturated. These qualities make your hempcrete mold-resistant. 

To Conclude

You can’t deny the benefits of building your home or office with hempcrete. This amazing material is a great use of what would otherwise be considered a waste product. It’s non-toxic, absorbs CO2 from the environment, and requires less maintenance over time. It’s Not only healthy for you but also beneficial for the environment. As its thermal performance adapts to the weather, it helps to cut out the energy consumption. So, if you are considering building your dream home with hempcrete, you don’t need to think twice!

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