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While enjoying your food and drinks should not be something you feel guilty about, before consuming certain foods, make sure you know their effects on your oral hygiene and aesthetics. For example, especially if you are into the show business, you cannot afford to have discoloration of your teeth.

Discoloration of your teeth not only messes with the looks but also has some adverse effects on your health. If you are going through any discoloration of teeth, immediately book an appointment with a Memphis, TN dentist and get them fixed.

However, consume these food items as little as possible to avoid discoloration.

Common food items that can cause teeth discoloration:

Here is a list of foods that can cause teeth discoloration. Note that this list also has some food items that are extremely heavy in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, if you are consuming something causing discoloration of teeth, you may want to cut down on that food item.

  1. Tea or coffee- If you are a black tea or black coffee lover, you might face teeth discoloration as both substances contain high tannins. Tannins are responsible for the discoloration of your teeth. So it is advised that you keep the level of milk increased in your tea or coffee.
  1. Cola- From the formation of this drink to its color, everything has toxins and acids that can cause discoloration of your teeth. So, make sure you avoid cola at all costs.
  1. Red wine- A red wine lover might face a lot of teeth discoloration as red wine is quite impactful in teeth staining.
  1. Berries- Although berries are packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals, they are one of the major causes of teeth discoloration.
  1. Soy sauce- Soy sauce can transform a dish to the next level; however, the dark-colored sauce stays on your teeth for hours after your meal.
  1. Curry- Teeth discoloration is possible if you love curry for lunch and dinner. While the curry has some health benefits, the spices and colors can make your teeth look stained. 
  1. Beetroot- Beetroot is one of the healthiest vegetables. It has a high level of irons and other minerals; however, it has intense pigmentation and can cause discoloration of teeth.
  1. Balsamic vinegar- Balsamic vinegar is an excellent addition to your salad dressing as it can make it quite flavorful; however, it does affect teeth discoloration. So, make sure to consume less amount. 

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