Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
wall panels

Very much the new kid on the block when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, the tremendous versatility, practicality and economy of wall panels have not gone unnoticed by home and business owners.  Here are some trending uses of wet wall panels that you just might not have thought of:-

  • Create funky designs in a kid’s bedroom, bold splashes of colour that is tough and hard-wearing and can withstand chips, dents, scuffs and sticky fingers. Simple to clean and, oh so easy to change when you fancy a refresh
  • Natural materials are the way to go in home design and stone-effect wall panels can create a tremendously rustic look in a lounge or living area and they are flexible enough to fit around fireplaces and other architectural features. Stone resin also works brilliantly for the floor and without the cost of the real thing or the chilly feet.  Go for cool grey or pick a warm sandstone which you can spice up with terracotta colours and golds and apricots
  • Companies and businesses are using wall panels to create an ‘atmosphere’ in different areas of their premises. It’s easy to see how they would work in say a restaurant particularly as they are so hygienic and easy to clean but imagine wall panels in an office, a great way to bring tone and depth to a meeting room for clients or to add inspiration for internal staff events
  • Ditch the headboard on the bed and use wall panelling to completely transform the entire wall behind your bed.  Faux wood or brick effect from floor to ceiling can create the illusion of space in a modern, hotel-style look giving you a feature wall at a minimal cost.  The other walls can be painted or papered in a contrasting colour to allow your wall panels to stand out as a real feature
  • Use tongue and groove effect wood effect panels behind an open bookcase, dresser or shelving. Make sure the shelves are not so full of items that you can’t see the wall behind – this is a great look for many rooms in the home, stylish and sophisticated
  • Why not consider wall panels for the hallway or your stairwell, still a relatively unconventional choice for wall panels? They are hard-wearing and ideal for family life or commercial premises as stairways can take some serious abuse when it comes to scuffs and scratches.  You can make a real feature out of a staircase or hall by using brick or stone effect panels to make the ultimate design statement.  They are flexible to fit contours and can be fitted straight onto the existing surface
  • Change up the waiting room in your business premises with something light, bright and easy to clean and a product that is waterproof and fireproof to all the required modern safety standards
  • Use wall panels for brainstorming meetings in your office – pale-coloured or decorated panels are ideal to promote an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm and some companies use them for people to write on – it gives a whole new meaning to writing on the walls!

There are loads more ideas online.

By Arif

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