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HTML5 Audio & Video tool

Enhancing audios and editing videos are one of those essential tasks that most of us need to do from time to time, even if we are not field professionals. As common IT users, this seemingly simple task of audio and video enhancing can be very challenging as it requires downloading and installing complex software that can be exhausting, even for professionals.

However, due to the fact that we live in the 21st century, thanks to modern technological advancements and sophisticated markup languages like HTML5 the need for relying on standalone offline based programs is gradually being shifted to browser-based programs and platforms. In other words, by leveraging HTML5 evolutionary standards from common to heavy-duty applications, all can be enabled to run directly into the browsers without having the need for any user to download third-party applications.

For starters, HTML5 is the latest technical standard for web browsers. It supports the input, processing, and saving of data/information directly in the browser. No third-party software support or Flash plugin is required for the functioning of HTML5 powered solutions.

From running browser-based graphic designing solutions, business-level ERP solutions, to cloud-based cybersecurity solutions and audio video mixing and enhancing tools, HTML5 is used in the development of diverse areas of browser-based applications. However, in this article, we will enlist the top 4 audio and video HTML powered browser-based solutions that you can try right now.


1- Video recorder online

If you need to record your audio without having to use your phone or downloading any third-party applications on your devices. You can use video recording online which is a free online voice recorder. You can use your microphone to record your voice, cut and edit it, and save it as an MP3 file. The recorder runs directly in the browser without installing additional software. Furthermore, all your data is stored in your devices’ local memory and not in any external servers that ensure the safety and privacy of your personal data.



2- Video Cutter

Video editing can be one of the most exhaustive and skills requiring tasks that also require you to download and install various types of complex software on your devices. But this is the case no more, by using this HTM5 and JS technology-powered browser-based video cutter tool you can edit videos without having to download any software. As for data security, this online tool does not ask users to upload their files to any servers, on the contrary, the HTML5 and JS technology allows the user to edit the videos without having to upload their videos to any servers, this tool allows you to edit your videos directly into the browser to ensure data security.



3- Audio converter

Converting traditional audio formats such as MP3 into different and purpose-specific formats such as OGG, FLAC, OPUS, and so on is one of the essential tasks of the professionals. Instead of using any third-party applications that may require some type of licensing or subscriptions you can use this browser-based audio converter that supports 100+ format conversions. You can upload and convert any type of audio within a few clicks.



4- Video Converter

Just like the above mentioned audio converter, this video converter works the same and leverages the same HTML5 and JS technology to convert different types of videos into various formates while running directly into the browser. You can convert your video into 110+ different video formats while using free essential features like video cropping, flipping, and cutting.


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