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What is Coding and how to learn to code?

Consolidating success

A beginner who is just starting to learn a programming language must know and be prepared for the fact that it has been for a long time. Learning coding is a time-consuming process in which failure feels much more than success. In order not to leave school, you must definitely record all your actions. People very often lose motivation just because they can’t feel progress. And it will certainly be if the beginner is diligent. As soon as the skills grow imperceptibly, the coding beginner may not even notice it, so in small steps, he moves towards the desired goal.

Therefore, from time to time you need to remind yourself how far you have come and look back more often. This helps a lot – after all, looking at their first lines of code, everyone can understand that they are making progress. It may seem that all these personal records are just fun. No, in fact, recording success is very important – it is very motivating throughout the learning process. Therefore, it is necessary to start, and not interrupt, to mark each passed stage.

Clear training conditions

When it comes to coding, many beginners make the common mistake of trying to do a bunch of tasks at once, and usually, everyone gives them up before they finish. They are interested in something else, most often other tasks, so they jump from one project to another. Do not do that. It is best to move around as planned – solve one problem or understand an example until everything becomes clear. It’s a very simple principle: one thing at a time.

But at the same time, you have to understand that moving forward is necessary, so you have to set yourself strict deadlines for studying one or another aspect of the language. You can try to imagine that the exam is coming soon and you will have to show everything you could achieve. This is motivating. Yes, all those personal jobs may not be very pleasant, but just coding is not fun. Strict discipline will allow you to acquire the necessary skills, and meeting the deadline is almost the most important skill for a freelance programmer.

While ordinary users are afraid to make mistakes and hate when something goes wrong, the programmer is in a completely different position, especially during joint operations. Sinning is part of his job and a very big one at that. Therefore, a novice programmer should teach himself how to read error messages, no matter how frustrating it may be. These messages contain a lot of valuable information because they tell you exactly what was missed in the process of creating the code. You need to be prepared that such messages will appear very often and will not go anywhere even after you have finished learning the programming language. You can’t save time working on mistakes – this is the most important part of learning. In addition, this is a good practice – once you understand the problem, it will be easier to avoid many mistakes later. Reporting bugs is not a punishment, in fact, they are the best developers who want to teach him how to work properly.

Communicate with other developers

Such communication will also help to understand that other people face coding problems just as often, and this is not uncommon. And if, in addition, the beginner can help his friend the programmer, then he will get another wind and will continue with revenge. And don’t be afraid to communicate – developers are actually friendly people, they’re often on their wavelength, and a beginner just needs to get into resonance.

Right and wrong approach

Coders for beginners often try to copy pieces of code from other projects, solving any of their problems. They think it’s reasonable because the main thing is that everything works. This is a wrong, moreover, very harmful approach. And not because copying is bad, but because copying, a beginner will not understand exactly what this code does. Copying is, of course, much easier than just writing everything.

But in the process of learning such an approach will lead to the fact that large gaps in knowledge are created and coding the beginner will one day give up, unable to solve the problem he is facing. And that will leave everyone. Learning a programming language, you need to spend time without regret to analyse any, even at first glance the problem. And if you can’t come up with a solution right away, you can’t give up. You have to read, watch videos, ask others – a beginner must thoroughly understand the difficulties that have arisen. Although learning a language is not exactly the same as learning an ordinary human language. Coder deals with the machine, so he needs to understand what he is doing. Such knowledge of the language is simply invaluable when the educational process comes into practice.

Learning programming languages ​​is not the most exciting experience. But everything can be fixed if you approach things with fiction. There is no better way to learn something than by playing games. This also applies to coding, because you can learn the language quickly by playing, and at the same time improve your skills.

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