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A centralized security solution for handling appointments and necessary resources in all your branches and stores is our enterprise appointment scheduling program. 

A full suite of resources is included in the solution, which gives customers the power to schedule online, through the web, smartphone, or kiosk applications, or via the call center, chat, and every other communication channel through contacting agents.

Benefits of Enterprise Booking Software:

  1. Enterprise booking software provides all networks and self-service with a single forum for scheduling.
  2. It reduces administrative costs through a simplified method of scheduling and increased the performance of officers.
  3. It provides customers with a better experience through online self-service scheduling.
  4. To catch all potential opportunities, it provides online appointment scheduling on all contact platforms.
  5. It ensures continuity in matching clients and requests to individual agents, in messages sent to clients before they arrived at an appointment, and in the training of agents for their appointments.

Unique Advantages of Enterprise Booking Software:

  1. From a single point of operation to any number of branches, the central server can be upgraded.
  2. You can manage a rapid self-service scheduling deployment on our private cloud or your computer.
  3. Quick maintenance, remote configuration of the device, no need to install software at the agent counters.
  4. Absolute versatility to match any company requirement.

Enterprise Booking Software Features:

  1. Appointment booking framework for agent calendars and resource allocation setup, configuration, and management.
  2. Customer Management Software that provides the choice for mobile users to schedule and check-in for appointments, a shop locator, view of queue information, and additional features.
  3. Administrator framework for customizing working hours, availability, overbooking, types, and length of appointments, ownership of calendars, permissions for access and management, and more.
  4. Interface with the branch/store agent to book appointments and review appointments arranged via other channels for the branch/store.
  5. The interface of the call center representative for business appointment scheduling based on client requests.
  6. Browser interface-a flexible self-service web interface that enables clients to schedule online appointments using the enterprise website or a Q-nomy hosted web server that can be incorporated into the shop locator and online ad campaigns of your website.
  7. Mobile interface- a personalized mobile functionality that enables clients to schedule self-service appointments using their mobile phone. This interface can be combined with location-based resources such as finding the nearest store and, with the shortest possible time, online services such as finding the store.
  8. Locking mechanism- prevents requests from separate networks from the double booking of the same time slot.
  9. Automated Notifications-sends reminders to clients, including appointment information, promotional messages, directions for planning, cancelation or re-scheduling connections, or others.
  10. As scripts, additional programming that makes improved business logic and smarter interfaces is embedded, never modifying the basic product code, reducing test procedures, speeding up production, and ensuring a fast response to business needs.


Enterprise booking is a single, full-stack software application for Intelligent Appointment booking with customized business processes. 

Beginning with an omnichannel booking experience, the Enterprise deployment promotes customer engagement and progresses all the way through monitoring and analytics that provide immediate access to the results of appointments. 

Enterprise booking offers easy, comprehensive solutions for your business needs with added features such as CRM integration, queue management, search engine booking, events and classes management, APIs, and voice scheduling.

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