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As the world faces the arduous challenge of tackling the global pandemic of COVID-19, the need for increased testing has always been a concern in the country. The most significant method of testing in the world is COVID-19 RT-PCR testing.

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test is a real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test for the detection of genetic material from SARS-CoV-2 virus by collecting oropharyngeal or nasophyaryngeal swab specimens from individuals suspected of COVID-19.

RT-PCR test is considered as the gold standard for detecting COVID-19.The real time RT–PCR technique is highly sensitive and can deliver a reliable diagnosis in about less than 6 hours. There are no side effects of the RT-PCR test and the Positive test result is highly confirmatory. It is the most accurate Covid-19 test available to us.

If the patient experiences symptoms of coronavirus like cold, cough, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc. it is desirable to get the Covid-19 rapid antigen test done, in accordance with the ICMR guidelines. It is also sensible to get a Covid-19 RT-PCR test if the person has a history of recent travel. If you have travelled to any of the red list countries, you need to take day 2 test for covid

You can book your RT-PCR online directly from home. A lot of websites and apps allow you to book online appointments and offer both visiting a collection centre or Contactless Doorstep Collection services. You must fill out the necessary customer’s information, schedule an appointment, and bring all required documents to the testing centre. For better understanding,




There are a lot of apps and websites that allow us to book online appointments for the RT-PCR test for COVID-19. The applications for Covid-19 testing are available on both, Android and iOS platforms. The first step is identifying those websites and apps through which one can book for COVID-19 RT-PCR testing. Since, there are different rates for RT-PCR tests in different cities, one can compare their prices for booking the RT-PCR Tests and select the best options available.



Normally, once you have searched a website to book an RT-PCR test, you are required to register using your mobile number or Email-Id.  An OTP (one time password) will be generated.  After you enter the OTP, you have to enter your credentials.  Fill in all the required customer details (name, mobile, mail, place etc) for further processing.



After the filling the customer details, you have to choose the mode of availing the service which are divided mainly into two categories . Check for the types of services you are comfortable with. These services prove to be very convenient for people as people could either go to the labs or the labs could come to you.

The services involves

  • Visiting a collection centre: You will be asked to move to a designated Collection area where RT-PCR tests are conducted.
  • Contactless Doorstep Collection: Samples will be collected from your home as one of the healthcare workers will come home to collect the sample.

An innovative concept of mobile testing laboratories that has come as a stroke of  luck in such times of grief have been introduced by SpiceHealth which are built inside a vehicle particularly bus or tractor-trailers which can travel to certain areas where there is a lack of testing facility. It has emerged as the fastest growing diagnostic lab in India having conducted more than 2.3 million RT-PCR tests since its launch in Delhi in November 2020. SpiceHealth’s RT-PCR testing labs have been successfully conducting the country’s cheapest RT-PCR tests starting from just Rs. 499/- .





After choosing the mode of service, one has to book an appointment.   Once you have registered yourself check the nearest collection centre in your area and schedule the preferred time and date to get tested. In certain companies, booking a slot is relatively straightforward .For Instance, in  SpiceHealth , RT-PCR test booking  is a very convenient step.  Also, after booking the slot, customers are required to fill out the ICMR Specimen Referral Form for 2019-Covid19.  Since this form is for collection centres / labs to enter details of the samples being tested for COVID-19, it is mandatory to fill out this form and submit it either online or during the visit to the collection centre.




Finally, after booking an appointment, you need to check and present certain important documents at the time of sample collection. No documents are needed at the time of  booking and the customer only needs to provide some basic customer details. During the time of sample collection, the customer is required to provide Govt. Approved photo ID (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving Licence etc ) along with the booking ID .



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