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Why Vaccination Is Important and How We Can Get It?Why Vaccination Is Important and How We Can Get It?

With the country fighting the pandemic pretty bravely since the past year, every Indian is only hoping for a quick vaccination to end this battle. Satya Prakash Gupta who had been at the forefront, serving the nation during these hard times has always been hopeful about the changes that the vaccination drive would bring to the country, especially when the citizens understand its importance. There still have been speculations about the efficacy of the vaccines and the government has been trying its best to resolve the arising issues.

The vaccination drive will be able to effectively control the pandemic if above 50% of the population will be vaccinated. Satya Prakash Gupta knows how countries have been able to cope up with the previous pandemics of smallpox and polio and is hopeful about recovery from the COVID-19 too. He has always been educating the mass about how well can vaccines protect, control transmission, and reduce disease incidence. The philanthropist also knows about how well the vaccine has been performing to date. With an efficacy greater than 70%, the Indian vaccines have been declared effective.

The masses should not refrain from getting themselves vaccinated as it has successfully passed the “Phase 1” trials. Extensive applications revealed these vaccines have some common mild symptoms. The effects range from mild flu, body ache, or tiredness that vanishes within a day or two. But despite these, Satya Prakash Gupta presses down upon not missing out on the second dose unless the individual has been medically advised to do so.  

After the amazingly positive results of the effectiveness of the vaccines, people must not hesitate from taking them now. This is, by far, the best way to develop immunity against the virus. But what people must understand is, as Satya Prakash Gupta stresses upon that people will still not be able to get back to a pre-COVID lifestyle despite being fully vaccinated. This vaccine only reduces the chances of you succumbing to the virus and undergoing health deterioration, but does not entirely omit the risk. Precautions must be duly followed till the time the pandemic is eradicated or under control.

There have also been reports highlighting that patients with cases of co-morbidity like heart diseases, diabetes, and lung diseases must get vaccinated as soon as possible. The individuals recovering from the infection must consult their physicians to know the right time to get vaccinated. 

It was not long back since the vaccination slots for the age group 18-44 years were opened and the Indian citizens were more perplexed than ever. The Covishield and Covaxin have been administered through the Arogya Setu app and CoWIN portal. But the administration of Sputnik V followed soon. The platforms included individuals to self-register themselves and find their nearby vaccination centres with their choice of the vaccines. Upon successful registration, they can reach the centre on time and get the vaccination done.

Satya Prakash Gupta has always been in appreciation of how seamless the entire process has become and how easily one can get vaccinated without involving troubles of waiting in long queues or crowded corridors. He says in this fight against the pandemic, we must work as a team.

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