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chaff cutters

Technology has grown rapidly and some people have not had the time to catch up and understand how some equipment works; a good example is a chaff cutter. Many farmers don’t purchase it because they are intimidated by how they function. Here, we will shed light on how to operate it.

What is the use of a chaff cutter?

The main and important use of a chaff cutter is to cut fodder meant for animals into smaller pieces. Cutting them into smaller pieces makes it easy for cattle to chew and digest. It also helps reduce wastage that would have been caused by giving cattle fodder that is not cut. Also, it comes to the rescue of a farmer that has many animals to feed by cutting quickly and fast.

How it operates.

A chaff cutter operates under high speed and as it rotates, the fodder to be cut is put on the chaff cutter’s tray and pushed with one hand. The fodder is then cut into small pieces by the sharp blades on the cutter. In the case of manual chaff cutters, the operator pushes the fodder through the tray with one and then the other hand and his/her leg operate the cutting blade.

Difference between powered and manual chaff cutters

A manual chaff cutter is the one that operates manually while a powered chaff cutter has an engine that is powered by either electricity or diesel to run. Both types of chaff cutters are reliable to use but the powered chaff cutters have more advantages like ; it requires less manpower and saves time while the manual chaff cutters require more time and a person should be physically fit so as to operate it.

How and where to purchase quality chaff cutters

It is very important to know the prices of chaff cutters in Kenya so that you can purchase a chaff cutter that is within your budget. As you do that, also ensure that you search for products on the right platforms and are legit. Read all the product descriptions and make sure that it has all the features you require. You can then go ahead and purchase it from trustworthy and legit sellers.

How to maintain your chaff cutters after every use.

After knowing the 3 blade chaff cutter price in Kenya, purchasing and putting them into use, it is important to know how to maintain them so that they can serve for a long time. One; regularly check if all the connected parts are strong enough, lubricate the machine regularly, ensure that you remove dust before you lubricate the machine and always adjust the machine before carrying out any operation.

As I conclude, it is important to note that understanding more about your chaff cutter is very necessary. This is because you will be able to control it accordingly thus making it durable, efficient and also gives you good results. Also, when you maintain your machine well, it will reduce the expenses that come with repairing damaged parts.

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