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Due to the emergence of the Coronavirus, HGV driver training has all but stopped in the UK. The DVLA ceased all CAT C1 license training in June of 2020 for everyone apart from emergency and healthcare staff. This has meant that anyone looking to get their HGV theory and the practical test was done outside of these essential services groups has had to put their plans on hold.

National HGV driver training company HGVT has played a big part during this time, providing driver training to those essential workers that needed it. What’s more, they’ve just announced that they’ve been able to deliver 250 newly qualified ambulance drivers during this time – despite the social distancing restrictions.

250 New UK HGV Drivers Since June 2020

Remote technologies and what they offer has been central in allowing this to happen, as has the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for those taking practical training and testing during the lockdown. Using a combination of the two, HGVT has been able to qualify these much-needed ambulance drivers that can provide vital medical assistance and reduce overall waiting times.

An HGVT spokesman said “Our team worked tirelessly from home to ensure that HGV training was provided to the front line workers that needed it. We’ve been able to get them theory ready, provided practical training whilst following all government guidelines and we’re proud to say that we’ve delivered around 250 training programs since the beginning of lockdown”.

Car driving student showing okay gesture sign and sitting at vehicle driver position

A National industry-renowned HGV Provider

One of the reasons HGVT was able to achieve these welcome results is its network of 60+ training centers located across the United Kingdom. This established HGV training provider enjoys an excellent reputation within the industry and has an exclusive partnership with national recruitment company Manpower, meaning its ability to help its students find work once qualified and beyond.

This impressive national network and its ability to deliver remote classroom training to its HGV students are both key elements in the provision of this new influx of ambulance drivers. With this infrastructure at their disposal, HGVT’s team has been proactively supporting HGV trainee drivers through their instruction via zoom and in the virtual classroom environment.

Continuing to Address the HGV Driver Shortfall in the UK

The sterling work carried out by HGVT over the last 8 months of lockdown has provided vital new ambulances drivers that help to protect the vulnerable each and every day. When social restrictions are lifted, the training provider will continue to do so and resume its mission to reduce the HGV driver shortfall in the UK by delivering training in all license classes.

For now, the company will carry on providing Covid-safe HGV instruction to front line workers and continue to provide in-demand driving skills to key staff to help in the battle to control the Coronavirus and save lives across the country.

To find out more about HGVT and what they offer to anyone looking for a rewarding career as an HGV driver, visit their website

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