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Big Data DeveloperAccording to data from, jobs in big data development are becoming hot all over the globe. Over 40% of tech companies want to hire big data developers for their data analysis.

In today’s tech world, a lot of data is available for access to all interested users. But every company needs a big data specialist to collect this data and interpret it for a defined purpose. And with the current demand for high-quality data, hiring big data developers has become critical to every company’s mission objectives.

According to data from, jobs in big data development are becoming hot all over the globe. Over 40% of tech companies want to hire big data developers for their data analysis.

As a result, we have gathered some of the core assessment criteria to consider when choosing a Big Data Developer.

Use analytics to improve hiring

With the help of standardized tests, you can pick a candidate for the big data development position. However, what are the chances that you are choosing the right candidate? Unfortunately, there is no way to tell for certain. But there is a solution: analytics.

Nowadays, recruiters in big data companies have access to outstanding analytical tools to track candidate performance. With these wonderful tools, you can monitor the candidates’ reports and measure their skills. These tools also provide recruiters with a predictive model regarding the candidates that are best suited for the job.

At the same time, you will understand the significance of the position to the company and focus on specific loopholes. And since you have identified the loopholes and skill gaps, you can now address them by hiring the candidate that possesses those abilities.

Create the right skills test for candidates

To spot the right candidate, you need to present them with a relevant skills test that analyzes their experience with big data. Don’t use generic aptitude and IQ tests to determine a candidate’s qualifications. Use specialized tests related to data science (big data) to evaluate the candidate’s understanding of the industry.

For example, a developer should know how to use the latest frameworks and database technologies available at the moment. In addition, a prospective candidate must have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Similarly, a big data analyst should have a deep understanding of modern analytical tools for data collection, analysis, interpretation, and report. In general, any big data developer must showcase high proficiency in machine learning and artificial intelligence development.

Focus on Big Data skills

When hiring developers, focus on candidates with hands-on experience in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or business intelligence. 

But most importantly, focus your hiring efforts on big data specialists with a proven body of work and enough experience to work. Besides, make sure that the candidates have the required amount of experience in the latest data management tools.

At the same time, recognize that not all positions need mountains of experience to perform a great job. So, use the skills test to spot promising candidates with an excellent grasp of data management tools.

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