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Installing and registering your Windows security with Activate McAfee with Product Key is very easy. Before proceeding, a lot of security information is checked and tested. If you have any security devices on your computer, uninstall them by following the manufacturer’s instructions. To avoid disputes and reduce efficiency, you need to uninstall cargo protection.

Look for older models of McAfee Protection.

If your computer has older McAfee software similar to the one on the CD, leave the device installed. The developer of the latest software is testing the version on which it is built. The installer can save the download and expand your account if the templates are the same.

If your McAfee scanner service version is not the same as the retail version of the software, uninstall the newer versions to update the performance on the CD by following the instructions in TS101331.


  • You can select the form to see publishing usage.
  • To select the mounting system that best suits your needs, you can follow the information below.
  • Site configuration (as recommended).
  • Publishing online is the safest way to use safe conditions, McAfee, to protect your system.
  • There is no drive on your device.
  • Access to your Internet is fast.
  • On another computer, you can download the multi-user certificate.
  • The layout and installation CD are very simple.
  • Installing McAfee Over Disk Protection is the easiest option if your machine has a CD-ROM drive with a slow internet connection. This means that a long charging period is avoided. You can go online and access updates after the installation are complete and make sure your device is completely safe.
  • Site configuration (recommended)
  • Open the package and find Activation or Hardware Key, then get the Quick Start Guide.
  • Go to the application update page on the map and start the web client.
  • Choose your country and select the key or unlock your device.
  • If necessary, log in to your McAfee account using the details as a new person or log in.
  • You can only register your application one time with your product key. Enter it again if you see a response indicating that the registration number was used, but the program has not been activated. The installation is not complete, if you have already used the key.
  • CD layout and use for the installation
  • Connect the McAfee CD to your computer drive.
  • Once the installer is working. Call Setup.exe from the directory if not.
  • The EULA is read and should be appropriate.
  • You will start the McAfee installer and receive feedback from time to time.
  • If the Web Explorer and OS do not accept the CD, the latest updated version of McAfee Protection will be automatically updated during the update process. This update includes a link to the Internet that may take some time to slow.
  • Enter your McAfee account credentials if prompted. You must create an account if you don’t already have a McAfee account. Provide the necessary details and proceed.

How to activate McAfee with a product key

If you want McAfee antivirus activation with a product key, you can do so easily by following the steps detailed below. You can access and update the app after redeeming the activation code through the product key by doing the following:

  • Go to the retail card page (example, Open a web browser and log in.
  • Open the home page.
  • In the upper-right corner, tap Password.
  • Click the Reward Card tab.
  • Select the activation code for your retail card and press “Attach.”
  • Specify your email address and username.
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose your language and nation.

When you get to the McAfee Antivirus registration page, you are looking to select the correct region, but the correct region cannot be determined. Before you begin, please verify the correctness of the region.

  • Activation code for your retail card.
  • Your email address and phone number.
  • Then click OK.
  • After that, you need to Make sure your email address is correct.
  • By pressing Delete, you can go to the previous view.
  • Correct your email address and you can update it as well.
  • Click OK, and you are now authorized to subscribe.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your McAfee account and update your McAfee software.

You can immediately open the webpage to activate your McAfee Antivirus product key and run McAfee Antivirus. You will find an empty box that reads, then read “Enter the 25-digit activation code”. Put your product key here and request a warning.

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