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Domestic helpers are an essential part of the urban and middle-class life. Now, with curfews and lockdowns in place, most people working from home and children at home, a house help is required more than ever.

After experiencing months of nationwide partial and total lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus, most parts of the country are now facing a relaxation of the lockdown measures to allow a decently limited movement to restart the economy. While life is yet to come back to normalcy, various activities like house help and utility services have started streaming back to people’s houses in many states.

So, with the number of coronavirus cases on the rise throughout the country and the level of infection spread rising at an alarming rate, is it the right time to hire a housemaid? Well, if you must hire one, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind, such as maid salary, social distancing, have spare masks, proper sanitization, among other essential things.

Thus, if you must hire a housemaid during this COVID-19 pandemic, consider the following tips:

Understand How the Coronavirus Spreads

Details of the spread of the virus are continually developing. Still, medics approve that respiratory viruses mainly spread via some droplets that enter the mouth or nose and, in the process, cause an infection. According to experts, respiratory viruses are quite dramatic. For instance, speaking creates steam of droplets around people.

With this, imagine that each time you speak, the steam of droplets comes out of your mouth. So, it would be wise to think about the procedures of avoiding or dissipating these respiratory droplets. Basically, the primary methods to control the droplets include limiting unnecessary movements as much as possible, proper social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and not touching the face.

When the house helps come into your house, the critical point is to lower the chances of allowing the emitted droplets to get into your mouth or nose. Generally, if you’re outdoors and you’re talking, the high chances are that the droplets travel to a wide area to dilute.

It is for this reason that social distancing is very crucial. So, whenever possible, it would be wise to avoid being in an area where another individual is or was a couple of seconds ago. Also, when in your house, avoid walking straight behind an individual.

Make a Good Plan before the House Help Arrives

It would help to get in touch with the domestic worker before they arrive. During this period, you need to outline your expectations for social distancing, gloves, and mask usage, as well as any other issues before the commencement of the home duties.

Ideally, since you have utilized the services of the house helps before, you just have to assess your house and plan what you need to do with it as well as the surfaces that need less touching. While touching the surfaces is not as crucial as breathing, it would be wise to minimize the surfaces that the house cleaner can touch. In addition, it would be helpful to open all the doors and windows before the house helps come.

As a safety measure, let the house help text or call you from outside when they arrive, and after opening the gate, inform them that you will wait outdoors as they perform various tasks in the house.

Inform them about Safety Protocols Earlier

If the house help works for an agency or company, it is essential to research about the company’s safety and health protocols. In your research, make sure that you get information about the measures undertaken by the company or agency to keep their workers and customers healthy and safe.

If the house helper works for a company, the company needs to undertake symptoms check and carry out regular testing since the house help may be moving from one house to the other.

If the house helper works as a freelancer, you need to talk to them about the number of times they get tested in a week. In fact, ask them whether they have been tested within twenty-four hours before coming to your house before they commence cleaning processes. Moreover, ask them if they have any coronavirus-like systems and whether they feel OK.

Think about the Initiatives you can undertake to protect both Parties

You can minimize or mitigate the infection risks if you’re not in the house while the domestic helper is working inside. As a precaution, you need to insist on wearing a mask at all times. While wearing a mask doesn’t reduce the virus spread 100%, it dramatically lowers the movements of respiratory droplets.

As a matter of fact, putting on a mask averts a substantial amount of droplets. Also, you will be protected if you put on a mask as well. The droplets will mainly land on the outer part of the mask. According to the experts, it is always advisable to stay outdoors as the house helper cleans.

Ordinarily, if you have fewer interactions with the house helps, you’ll have fewer chances of contracting the virus. Moreover, if the helper will be in the house for a couple of hours, the experts recommend that you let them take the lunch from outside as well.

Another thing is that if you are using an agency or company, it would be beneficial to only use one house help at a time instead of hiring individuals who work in groups or pairs. Furthermore, if you’re anxious about coronavirus infection, just clean the house after the helper.

Discuss the Maid Salary

Determine the time needed to clean the house. Assess the precise things incorporated in their services and ensure that it entails all the things you want to be cleaned. If you need something specific, communicate before so that the house helper is ready to accommodate your needs. Basically, you need to walk the house to help through your house to allow them to make an estimate.

All in all, when making the ultimate decision, review the written agreement that clearly shows what the house help will offer as well as the timeframe needed to complete the tasks.

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