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A neat looking lawn is desired by every lawn owner. It can turn out to be a burden if you have to do it every weekend and don’t know the hacks. Relax. We got your back.

The first and foremost thing you need is a good lawnmower. A quality lawnmower can reduce half your work. Plus, lawn mowing is extremely important if you want your grass to grow healthy.

Regular mowing makes a huge difference in the health and appearance of the grass grown in your lawn. Plus, regularly cutting the tip of the grass will stimulate more growth.

So, let’s find out what else you have to do to keep your lawn pitch-perfect.

How Frequently Should You Mow Your Lawn?

This is probably the first question that arises when it comes to mowing lawns. There is no exact answer to that. Grass types, their growth and hydration depend on the season, weather, and environment.

Regular mowing surely makes a difference but we understand that a busy work schedule does not always allow us to maintain it.

You can hire professional lawn mowers or buy a robotic lawn mower if you’re too busy but if you can manage time to do it yourself, mowing the grass once a week will do. Especially during autumn and summer, when the grass starts growing.

Mowing once a week is enough during those seasons. However, if you want a decorative garden, then mowing on alternative days should be mandatory.

During summer, it’s best if you can mow every 10 days to prevent the growth of flaky weed grass.

Don’t skip lawn mowing during winter. If you notice the grass growing on this season too, set your lawnmower to its highest speed and shape the grass if required.

What Time of the Day to Pick?

The mid-morning and late afternoon are appropriate lawn mowing times. Mid-morning because it is the time when the morning dew dries up and heat is just right.

Even in the late afternoon, the heat is right for the grass and it’s just before the dew starts falling again.

So, the time of cutting the grass also makes a difference.

Check the Yard Properly

Carefully scout the whole lawn before starting. Any metal objects, rocks, toys, plastic bottles, debris can harm the blades of your mowing machine. It can even hurt a person if not handled carefully.

Check if your grass is wet or not. On rainy days, accidents occur, often by slipping on wet grass while mowing.

You see, these machines are mostly automated, have spinning blades, and run on electricity. So, mowing on wet grass can get you electrocuted or harm your body parts if you aren’t careful.

Which Directions to Mow?

Maybe you’re wondering, does it matter? Well, in gardening it does. Changing the mowing directions weekly will reduce the growth of weed grasses. A good mowing machine with wheels also prevents tramlines in the turf.

While you mow the slopes remember that different mowers have different rules. A push mower will give you the best results if you mow parallel to the couture of the slope. Whereas, a power mower does better if you mow up and down in the horizontal direction.

While cutting the edges or the grasses near small trees or flower beds, go for trimmers instead of mowers. Otherwise, accidental slips can ruin your beautiful lawn.

If your lawn is too big and you mow it yourself, our advice will be to divide the lawn work into smaller parts. Sometimes, during summer when the sun is too hot people tend to get heatstroke while mowing the lawn for a long time. So, be careful.

Choosing the Right Lawn Mower

This is the most important step of all. While buying the right lawnmower you need to be clear about two things- the size of your lawn and your budget. Then comes your personal preference. Make the right investment now and you won’t regret it later.

If you own a big lawn, going for a riding lawn mower will be a good decision instead of an electric mower. The reason being, electric lawnmowers require a machine to be plugged into an outlet. So, it won’t cover the big lawn.

For smaller yards, within half an acre, power mowers can be used to mow well. However, if your yard is bigger than three acres, the best option will be to go for a zero-turn or garden mower for better mobility.

The cost of a mower varies from $70 to even $14,000. Usually, cylinder mowers cost around $70-$90. However, if you consider buying an electric or push mower, you have to pay $100-$400 for a quality one. For riding mowers, the price can go up to $14,000.

Mulch Grass Clippings

Some lawn mowers are blessed with the features of mulching the grass clippings. This is extremely helpful for your lawn because grass clippings are full of nutrients that can work as pesticides for your lawns.

Thankfully, some lawnmowers shred the grass clippings into smaller pieces and blow them back to the lawn. These grass clippings then decompose after mulching them and act as natural pesticides.

Saves both time and money!

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Remember that the mowing blades need to be sharpened regularly. Dull blades don’t cut neatly instead tear the leaves more.

On top, it can cause the leaves to be attacked by insects. Sharp blades will give you clean cuts and the leaves will also regenerate.

You can either take professional help or buy a sharpening kit to do it on your own. The kit costs around $10.

When you see uneven, torn leaves even after a proper cut, you’ll know it’s time to sharpen or replace the blades. So, act accordingly.

Final Thoughts

We’ll say goodbye with an extra tip for you. Some lawn mowers come with rollers. You can customize and create patterns with this roller if you like. Stripped or wavy patterns will give it a nice touch. Don’t you think?

Just mow the lawn regularly and don’t cut the grass deep. The rest is easy peasy!









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