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Changes To Make To Your Home Before Your New Baby Is Born

Getting ready for a new baby is really exciting, stressful and incredibly frustrating simultaneously. Your home needs to be safe for your new arrival, and highly functional so when the baby comes you can focus on him or her without having to worry about anything else. To help you as you prepare your home for your much-anticipated new arrival, here are 6 important changes to make:

Get Rid Of Clutter 

It is so important to declutter now before baby comes. This will help you to make your home more safe, practical and spacious. It also gives you more room for the new baby’s things which are often more than enough to fill room upon room.

If you don’t have time to sort through items you have decluttered, consider some reasonably-priced self storage to hold your belongings. Self storage units can be handy when you’re adding to your family giving you a temporary extra room to utilise at a time when space is at a premium. 

Wash Items That Will Be Touching The Baby

You’ll want to wash everything that will touch the baby, from their blankets, to clothes you have purchased for them to wear. Use baby-friendly detergent and then store the items in a way that keeps them hygienic and contaminant free until they are used. 

Complete Any Repairs

Any urgent repairs like leaks, broken tiles and mould should all be dealt with before the baby comes. You may struggle for the time to do them once your baby is here, and you may not want to cause a mess around your new baby either.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning the house now is a really good idea before your baby comes along. Giving the carpets a proper shampoo and clean, steam cleaning tiling and dusty crevices and properly cleaning soft furnishings and furniture is important. It ensures the most hygienic environment for your baby when they come home. 


Baby-proofing your home is so important when it comes to the safety of your new baby. Follow safety guidelines and be meticulous with your adaptations and changes. You can never be too safe when it comes to keeping your new little one safe and sound. 

Create A Practical Nursery

There is a lot of emphasis on creating a nursery that is cute and beautiful. What colour will it be? Which theme will you choose? The fact is that whilst these aspects of the nursery are fun, they aren’t what you will notice once the baby is here. Instead, ensure that at the least the nursery is practical.

Is there enough storage? Is there room to change and feed the baby? Can you make the room completely dark for nap time? 

Create a space now that will help you out when you’re caring for your baby and you will thank yourself in a few months when the baby arrives. 

Nothing can prepare you for having a baby, but the tips above can help you be a little bit more prepared for when baby comes home.

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