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Treating Dog Diarrhea

Dogs eat all sorts and are no strangers to the occasional stomach upset. And while there is usually no cause for alarm with pet stomach problems, you should help your pet avoid digestive issues. When it comes to dog diarrhea, many potential factors may cause them, but there are also home remedies to treat it as well. 

Stomach upset is one of the common problems dogs suffer from, and you shouldn’t be overly worried if you notice your pup showing signs of abdominal discomfort. Most times, the underlying problem may be due to their diet or picking things up from the floor. But there are other reasons why pets suffer from digestive issues, and you want to check with a vet as soon as you notice any challenges with your dog. 

Why Do Dogs Suffer from Diarrhea?

Indeed, all animals with a digestive system will need to feed. And most dogs get some of the worst diets. I mean, they scatter through the trash, sniff around the yard, and eat both good and bad. So you should expect to treat diarrhea often in your animal companion. 

While there are many over the counter meds for treating digestive problems in canines, you should be careful with administering medications on your pet without first checking with a vet. There are more tips here for how best to treat the condition in canines. 

Dog Diarrhea is of two types, acute and chronic, and the difference is that most dietary complications cause one. At the same time, the other is a result of different forms of digestive irritation. 

Acute Diarrhea

This one is the type your dog suffers from when eating something they shouldn’t or when they experience an infection. Changes in their meals could also trigger complications in the stomach, and all these fall under this category. 

Chronic Diarrhea

It is also possible that your dog could be suffering from digestive problems because of stress, or allergies from their food or drinking water. Some types of parasites, such as roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms, could also lead to chronic diarrhea in dogs. 

Other causes include irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatic diseases, some types of cancer, and liver failure or kidney disease. Like earlier advised, you want to check with your vet to rule out any complications when you notice digestive issues in your pet. 

How to Treat Dog Diarrhea?

The treatment method will depend on the nature of diarrhea your pup is suffering from. While there are home remedies for treating mild to acute conditions, you want to schedule a visit to the vet when dealing with the chronic type. 

Another thing to note is to avoid using pills from your medicine cabinets on canines. Antibiotic treatments may work for your stomach upset, but they could put your dog at more risk. It may be best to consider other safer home remedies to treat diarrhea in pets. Some of them include. 

Use a Liquid Diet 

One of the oldest ways to treat stomach related complications is with the use of a liquid diet. It merely means that you should put your pet on a strictly water-based meal for a day. Give your dog clean tap water to drink, or if your dog not drinking water, you can spice it up with bone broth or rice water. This should help with dehydrating the digestive system and getting rid of the bowel, which would help your pet feel better.

Fasting Method

Putting your pup on a fast break can also help with relieving abdominal related discomfort. This helps to clear out the stomach while preventing new chow into the gut. You want to be careful with this method, and ensure that you provide hydration throughout. Also, puppies shouldn’t fast for more than 12 hours, while older pups would have to stay hungry the whole day to clear the stomach. 

Try a Bland Diet 

White rice can help with helping the gut recover from a fast. So after the fasting period, you may want to ditch the usual treat, for a less tasty diet. This can be for a few days to help your pup’s digestive system return to its normal state. You can add in boiled chicken for extra protein, but remember to avoid any spice in the diet. 

Use CBD Oil

There are many ways your pet can benefit from hemp treatment, and yes, it could also help with dog diarrhea. They also help with other side effects that may come with the condition such as stress and anxiety. You want to use a good quality CBD oil or treat for your dog, so you should research the best available options. 

Mashed Pumpkin 

Another popular home remedy for treating diarrhea is pumpkin. It is packed with fiber, which is useful in settling the stomach and passing out stool. You can add this into the rice meal, or serve separately depending on which your dog prefers. Most of the time, you would have to force them to eat their veggies, so you should do the needful. 

Use Plain Yoghurt 

You can also try adding some plain yogurt to your pet’s diet. It is packed with good bacteria, which helps the gut in recovering from infections. It also helps in the breakdown of food and maintains the overall health of the digestive system. 

Checking for Signs of Dog Diarrhea

The best way to detect this would be to take a close look at your pup’s poop. Most times, you can quickly tell by the color and consistency of the fluid. If you notice a green coloration, it could be a lot of grass in their diet of a sign of gastrointestinal hypermotility. 

Also, a black or dark brown colored poop could be a sign of blood in the stool. In any of these situations, it is best to check with a vet for proper diagnosis. You can learn more from this website about what your pup’s poop say’s about its health. 

Final Note 

You can try any of the above home remedies to help your dog recover from a stomach upset. It is advisable to check in with a vet to determine if there are any complications with your pet digestive system if there is no improvement after a few days of home treatments. 

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