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For those who developed skills and affinities during childhood and adolescence, choosing a professional career can be a simple decision to make. However, not everyone is able to make this choice as naturally as it can be. Do you know how to choose a professional career? If you don’t know, don’t worry, in this matter, you will understand more how to guide yourself to make this decision.

Choosing a trade to “call your own” implies several important factors in an individual’s life. The choice will directly influence changes to be made in the long term that involve expenses, time, and emotional control.

When making this decision without reflecting on the impact it will have on your life, you may end up experiencing moments of anguish, despair, and the feeling of insufficiency in carrying out any professional activity.


Choosing the right Professional Career

A survey conducted by harvard, revealed that half of the young people choose a career without knowing the profession, the study shows that 27% of the students interviewed have doubts about the job market. Thus, it is noticed that a significant portion of the population does not know how to choose a professional career.

Because there is this obstacle, we list here factors that you should consider to know how to choose a professional career:

1. Self-knowledge

There is an aphorism widely used in the study of Socratic philosophy which is the “know thyself”. This term is a reference for those seeking to know themselves better. To choose a profession compatible with your profile, the first step is easy: know who you are and what your ambitions are.

Reflect on your entire experience as a student, being a friend, and having family experiences. Think about what your goals are, areas in which you are most interested, and what your life expectancies are. It sounds simple, but this questioning will make you aware of your concerns, thus, choosing a career will be easier.

Once you know what your limitations and abilities are, it will be quicker to know how to choose your professional career. There is an online Portal called MypascoConnect developed by Pasco County Schools which helps in these kinds of things with their In-built Application.

These applications can be accessed via the Launchpad after you have Logged into MyPascoConnect.


2. Preferences

What do you like? When searching for a profession to pursue, you need to think about whether it is something that interests you. Exercising an occupation that is not to your liking, at the very least, will be very frustrating and engender personal demotivation.

There is no work activity that is perfect. however, working with areas in which you have an interest or affinity will make it easier for you to deal with the daily dilemmas of your position.


3. Know the areas

Obtaining information about the positions is essential to make an informed choice. Try to research about professions, career plans, grants, and how the profession is recognized in the job market. It is a system where feedback from the students is received about their teachers.

By being aware of the areas of expertise and all the specifications of each area, it will be easier to identify the scope in which you intend to be part of the professional class.


4. Crisis in the labour market

The scenario of opportunities in the professions market must be evaluated so that you can make an intelligent choice. According to the Institute for Applied Economic Research, the number of Brazilians looking for jobs has grown to 153% since 2015.

In this context, knowing how to select a career that allows you to have several areas of expertise is essential to stand out in the start for the best positions in contracting corporations. This can also help the Parents, Teachers, and Children’s to make better decisions regarding their future courses.


5. Subsidies

There is no way to pursue a profession without thinking about the financial return. When choosing a professional career, you should think about the financial benefits that your decision will bring you. Having a sense of how much your subsidy will be can be critical to your expectations for the future whiite list.

Quality of life and economic stability are aspirations that should be considered when making your decision, so based on these interests, it will be easier to list the possible career options for you.


6. Vocational tests

If even after knowing all the careers that interest you, you still do not know how to choose a professional career, it is always possible to take a vocational test.

With questions prepared by psychologists, the vocational test uses as a way to obtain the result a system of points added to the answers given in the questions, thus, the tool creates a profile based on the answers.

Remember, in general, the vocational test is superficial and doesn’t know the particularities of each person. Therefore, the result will not always be correct, the ideal is that if you are struggling to choose a career, look for a professional to take a more reliable exam.


7. Final choice

A mistake of those who are selected which career should follow is to believe that it will be forever. Choosing a profession is a process that must be carried out with patience and calm, however, remember: it is not something that is immutable.

If you’ve chosen a profession but believe it’s not for you, don’t be afraid to change to another. You don’t need to pursue a single career in your entire life, if you have to, change.

The job market is constantly changing. Therefore, there is no need to think that this choice should be followed throughout your working life. A professional who is dynamic and adaptable to the requirements of the contracting institutions will come out ahead in the search for opportunities.


8. Influence of friends and family

Family and friends are important pillars of many people when making a decision. It is common for you to ask for their advice and recommendations, however, they should not be the only recommendations to be heard.

Your relatives and closest friends don’t always know what your goals are. Therefore, to avoid frustration, if necessary, it is recommended that you listen to professionals who already work in the area or seek help from a specialized professional who can solve your doubts.


9. Remuneration

With the high costs of modern life, it is common that the financial return is what most attracts the interest of those who will be inserted in the professional market or those looking for changes.

In fact, compensation is important. However, it should not be the main criterion to be weighed in the balance at the time of your choice, if you do not have an affinity with the activity of the profession, the financial return will not compensate for the stress generated by the work environment.


10. Make your decision calmly

Making this choice may not be easy, so do it in your time and with caution. As it is a weighty decision for your life, don’t be in a hurry, take as much time as necessary, as your development as a professional will depend on your choice.

Once that’s done, the choice should be more compatible with your profile. If that’s what you’re aiming for, achieving success will only be a matter of time.

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