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Microsoft Excel is one of the most famous mathematical programs in the world. It is a program consisting of a set of tables and pages, which helps in creating many diverse calculations in companies and small and large companies in a correct manner and without effort, and after completing writing it you can Print these tables on regular sheets of paper. Defining Excel functions The Excel function is a set of symbols that are written in a specific and specific format. So that the user can get the correct results from the Excel program. In order to deal with the program correctly, the basic rule must be followed, which calls for putting the “=” sign before the beginning of any equation. In order to get a response from the program with what kind of equations you will write.

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Microsoft launched a group of writing programs, the most important of which is Excel, in 1990. It updates its programs periodically and continuously to suit the user’s needs. Including Excel, which is one of the most widely used programs in the world. There are many Excel functions, and they are used according to their purpose, and they are as follows:

The function of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

This function is one of the easiest and simplest types of functions in Excel, as it does not need to write complex and difficult formulas. Even beginners can use it with ease, and it is used in a simple way to write the equation in two cells. Whether adding, subtracting or multiplying, then pressing the “Enter” button to get the result. Example =3+2, press Enter 5 appears. The sum function is used to sum a variety of numbers in a number of cells. It is written as =sum (), provided that the cells to be summed are placed between the parentheses.

Average Function

The average function is used to calculate the average value of adding a set of different numbers. A group of numbers is summed, then the average of this addition is calculated and written in the following formula: The formula of the average function is =Average(), and the average addition of the equation is known by placing the number of cells inside the brackets.

Max function In the case of a set of different numbers we must use this function in order to find the largest numerical value in it. The largest numeric value is known by the following formula =Max(), where the set of numbers in the cells is inserted in parentheses. Then we get the largest numerical value out of the group numbers. Explanation of the use of the MIN function The Min function, in contrast to the Max function, is used to find the smallest value among the existing set of numbers. The value of the smallest number in the group numbers can be found by writing this formula =Min(). The set of numbers must be placed in parentheses in order for the user to know the smallest numerical value.

IF function If logical test; value if true; value if false)), this function helps us to know the different results but it depends on a certain condition. For example, in the case of identifying the result of both successful students as well as those who fail, we must use the if function.

Function Sum if Sum if (range; criteria; sum range) This function is one of the best types of functions that can be used in companies and stores accounts. The function helps to limit a specific value from among the multiple values ​​inside the excel sheet, but in terms of a specific condition, to make it easier for the user. For example, if we want to limit one commodity without the others in a store, we can use this function Sum ifs =sum ifs (sum range; criteria range 1; criteria resume if), this function works the same as the previous Sum if function, but on a large scale. That is, it is used to find out the desired results with more than one condition

Function V lookup

v lookup (look up_value; table array;col_index number; range lookup) is one of the search functions in Excel, and it is one of the most used in the world. In knowing any result, provided that there is a set of data in another excel sheet. For example, if we want to know the grades of a particular student, we can do this by entering his password. We will be able to know all the data and information about his success and failure. /and These two functions are used to search for data and information with one or more conditions. Often they are used by combining them together. For example, if we want to know the calculation of sales of two different months in one year for a specific representative, we can use both functions.

Search Test Both the Search function and the Find function serve to search for either a specific number or text in a group of cells. But the search function is better than the other because it is very accurate in searching for results.

Excel’s Count function This function is used to count the number of cells that contain a number of data and information. But without combining the values ​​inside these cells, for example: if we want to write an equation to limit the number of cells that contain data and information. The function will count and add its number, not the numbers inside its cells. The Count if the function is similar to the previous function “Count”, but this function is characterized by its ability to find the information and data to be obtained. But with some conditions, for example, if we want to limit the number of cells that contain two words, we can get these results by using this function.

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