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In order to prepare for the SBI PO examination, you may consider quitting your current job. Sometimes, for achieving something, you might have to be prepared to take the necessary risk. However, it is also a matter of fact that several working professionals have managed to clear their SBI PO exams while working full time. You just need to be prepared to give in the extra time and put in some extra work. 

At first, the very thought of preparing for the SBI PO exam while working might seem intimidating. However, once you get started and settle into a routine, you will realize that it is possible to crack your exam without needing to quit your current job. You need to create an everyday schedule that balances your work life and your SBI PO exam preparation. After all, if others can successfully clear the exam while working, why can’t you?

Preparation tips for working professionals

  • Create a study plan to strike a balance between your exam preparation and work-life
  • Try to attend weekend or evening coaching classes
  • Make use of the valuable resources available on the internet to clarify any doubt you might have.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and the current affairs
  • Take the free SBI PO mock test with Oliveboard to be better acquainted with the exam pattern and type of questions that may come
  • Make sure you use proper reference materials like eBooks to improve your preparation.

A balanced study plan

If you want to be successful in your endeavour of cracking the SBI PO exam, you need to have a proper plan in place first. This is particularly relevant for working professionals who need to create a plan around their work-life to balance their studies and profession. Once you create the plan, work as per the schedule and see what works for you. Depending on how the schedule suits you, you can adapt and make changes to the study plan accordingly. When you are trying to strike a balance between work life and study, the most crucial factor is time management. Your aim should be to dedicate a minimum of 2-3 hours of study time daily for the best preparation.

Weekend or evening classes

When you are preparing for your SBI PO exams, it is always helpful to attend coaching classes. For working professionals, evening or weekend classes are the only options to attend coaching classes. When you attend a coaching class, you have the benefit of getting some additional information such as some tricks for the exam provided in their study materials. Another advantage of getting coaching is that they provide sessions for doubt clarification. They also provide mock tests regularly to keep checking the strengths and weaknesses of students. Utilizing these additional resources will give you an edge in your exam preparation. 

The internet is an excellent reference

In today’s world, the internet plays a major role in education. The fact that almost any information is available within a few clicks on the internet makes it such a valuable resource. Specifically, for the SBI PO exam, you will find a plethora of resources to refer to. From clarifying your doubts to getting the answer to any question, you can find everything over the internet.

Stay updated

 For your SBI PO exam, you must stay updated with the latest exam trends and current affairs. You need to stay updated with everyday news at least 3-4 months before the exam. Also, since it is a bank exam, banking awareness is essential. So, you need to be prepared for the banking awareness module of the General Knowledge segment. Again, free internet resources are available for all of these.

Take online mock tests

The importance of mock tests in preparation for SBI PO exams can’t be stressed enough. Taking mock tests frequently is a great way to keep track of how far your preparations are. It is a great way to boost your confidence and get a reality check on what your weakness is. Not just that, it helps you get used to the exam pattern and the kind of questions you will get in the actual exam. 

Use reference books

One of the best ways of gaining necessary knowledge in specific topics is to refer to eBooks relevant to the topic. There are many eBooks and reference links available specifically for SBI PO exams that help you in gaining the necessary knowledge and clarify any doubt you may have. For your preparation, you should try to make use of as many reference materials as possible. 

As compared to a regular student, a working professional has the disadvantage of lack of time. Giving the required time for your studies might be difficult but certainly not impossible. It all depends on how you plan your SBI PO exam preparation and how well you execute it. Make sure you utilize coaching classes, eBooks, and online reference links as much as possible for the best possible preparation. It is a must that you stay updated with the latest exam pattern and syllabus, which are available on the official SBI website. From time to time, you need to analyze where you stand in terms of your preparation and what else you need to do to complete the syllabus.

Working professionals should appear for the SBI PO Mock exam and analyze how they perform. You get an idea of the topics you have a strong grasp on and the topics you need to work on. You need to squeeze in the necessary study hours in your everyday routine. Try to make use of whatever free time you might have. For example, while working, you can solve some quizzes and puzzles during your lunch break. This not only keeps you in practice but also improves your time management skills. Recently, the exam has started having sectional timing. So, good time management is essential for you to attempt all the questions of all sections without wasting any time. 


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