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When it comes to the matter of choosing career options, the UPSC examination becomes the first choice. The institutions are flooded with the admission of aspirants from all over the country. 

There are certain foundation course for UPSC which help the UPSC aspirants to study and gain in-depth knowledge about the concepts. Although there are many coaching institutes and online classes for clearing the UPSC, as stated by the toppers, one must have to self-study very hard to clear the examination at one go.

This blog will discuss the best foundation course for the UPSC examination. Before that, let us discuss the UPSC examination and how much it has affected the Indian youth. 

The UPSC- a brief.

The acronym UPSC stands for the Union Public Service Commission. It is the national authority of India that works for the examination for the sole purpose of selection of the civil officers. 

There are almost 24 civil services available in India, including the Indian Administrative services, the Indian Police Services, the Indian foreign Services, and many more. The Indian citizens are of the age range of 21 to 32 years of age. 

Which foundation course for UPSC is the best?

The foundation course for the UPSC examination must have certain criteria for it to be effective. Some of the things that need to be noticed have been listed below. 

The Union Public Service Commission holds the examination every year in order to filter out the most deserving candidates. The examination is divided into three categories of selection. The first is the preliminary round, the second is the mains round, and the third is the interview round. 

The first round, the Preliminary round, also known as the Prelims, is the first step towards the journey of the huge UPSC examination. It is the multiple-choice question round, where the candidate has to answer the best possible points. This is also the step where the agency filters out the maximum number of students. 

The second round is the mains. It is the written round with the lengthiest procedures. It consists of general studies papers. This is the round where the agency filters the most candidates. After both rounds, the selected candidates get the call for the interview. 

The best foundation course is the one that gets the most time to practice. The basic course is at least 36 or more months long. The primary knowledge and the clearing of concepts are the main features of the best foundation course for UPSC. 

The daily hours of study must be more than 5 hours without fail. There must be days when you will feel low, but you still need to continue with the study in order to get into the public service. 

The pro tip for the UPSC examination and the best foundation course for UPSC is that the booklist must include the NCERT books of 11th and 12th classes according to your stream. 


The best foundation course for UPSC is the one that is the best fit for the aspirant. One must choose the course themselves in order to get the best result. In recent times, the candidate must study consistently to get the result. According to the ones who attempted the examination earlier, the UPSC examination is something that needs rigorous practice for a long time. 

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