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Overseas accommodation search is a task which becomes a major task after securing enrollments in the university of your choice. Even before enrollments are done, Accommodation hunting becomes a necessity more than anything else which is regarded important. But this is not something which is done hastily. There is a lot to think about and one such being the type of questions to ask the landlord of the house you want to move into. Here are a few of the questions you should ask your landlord before booking the rental property abroad. 

The Rental Cost

Higher education abroad is very expensive and everything relies on a planned budget including the student hostel to stay at, unless you have a family to stay with. Before even looking for accommodation, plan your budget according to the cost of living of the country you will be heading to. Ask your provider or landlord about the rent of the accommodations available. Checking out virtually is also recommended to come up with a decision.


The next best possible question for the landlord is the location of the student hostel. There are many things to check out while you look for the location. It is not merely knowing about the address and zip code of the student housing but how close the location is from your university, grocery stores, eateries, cafes and hospitals. It is also worth asking about how close you will be staying to easily access the city’s public transportation services.

Security Features

The next possible question in the order of importance stands to be the security measures taken by the landlord to make the accommodation free from any unforeseen incident with regard to the well-being of the residents. Make sure you ask about the security installations in the property like, CCTV, biometric entry system, intercom facility, digital lockers, and the presence of guards at all entry and exit points of the residence complex.


Most of the purpose-built student PG available today includes all inclusive onsite amenities, where there are additional amenities that may or may not be free. So it is essential to know about the amenities as well. The rent may or may include utility bills of gas, electricity, water, and Wi-Fi. Make sure you have things cleared beforehand. If you eagerly look forward to enjoying the luxury of any specific amenity, then there is no harm in asking for it or going only for those accommodations that have it.The student rooms at Scape Leeds come with all bills included, no guarantor is needed when booking, and each property has many modern facilities.


Most of the accommodations that you will find abroad, service on the motto of community building and often encourage sharing rooms and other amenities as well as kitchens. But sharing can be challenging if you have not so tolerable roommates. It is; therefore, wise to ask your landlord or the provider about who will be staying with you or how accommodating they are with regards to sharing a room and other amenities.

It is for sure that after reading the aforementioned points and the possible questions to ask your landlord, you will be able to make a more informed and wise decision on choosing your cheap student PG.  University Living, a global student housing marketplace, could be the possible answer to all your queries. To know more visit at

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