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Proven Ways To Enjoy An Affordable Vacation In Costa Rica

When planning to take a family vacation in Costa Rica, the first thing to think about is the budget. This country is well endowed with natural beauty and wildlife to keep you engaged throughout your stay. Looking for the best travel deals is a wonderful way to afford a perfect family vacation. However, you also need the following travel tips to help you enjoy an all-inclusive family vacation in Costa Rica.

Travel season matters

There are three travel seasons for the local industry in Costa Rica including green season, high season, and peak season. These are determined by special days including holy week, Christmas, New Year, and the rainy season. Travel during the peak season usually comes at a higher budget. To make your vacation more affordable, travel during the high or green season. This allows finding good hotel deals and lower rates for domestic flights and tours.

Vacation during the green season is usually after the holy week and before thanksgiving. You have to mind about the rainy season when planning to travel during this period. Fortunately, the weather in Costa Rica is fabulous including during the rainy season. Rain usually comes in the afternoon while the mornings are sunny and the nights are filled with stars.

Book an all-inclusive package

Another idea to enjoy an affordable vacation is to opt for one of the best all inclusive Costa Rica family packages from a reputable agency. These know the best places you can stay in. Additionally, the company includes the main attractions and destinations in your itinerary. With an all-inclusive package, everything regarding your vacation is planning including transportation and meals.

Shared transfer

Another way to save money on a family vacation to Costa Rica is to use a shared transfer. This is a cost-effective alternative to private services. Keep in mind that you are not to travel with various strangers or use public means of transport. You have to work with a professional to guide you on selecting a good and cheap option.

With a shared transfer, the transportation company offers shuttle transfers to various destinations. This is more cost-effective compared to private transfers without compromising your safety. The catch is minding about the particular pickup times that depend on your hotel. Additionally, there’s a pre-set schedule that doesn’t change and you have to adhere to.

Book regular tours

There are various activities to keep you engaged throughout your stay in Costa Rica. Keep in mind that tour companies in the country offer regular and private packages. To save on your vacation, opt for a regular package. This involves sharing transportation and tour guide with other people. This depends on season, activity, and date with people ranging from 10 to 15. Apart from saving money, a regular tour package allows sharing experiences with people from other countries. This also offers an opportunity to make lifelong friends with whom you share interests.

Choice of accommodation

An affordable vacation doesn’t mean staying in a dingy hotel. Costa Rica has very beautiful but affordable hotels. These are available through incredible travel deals for a chance to experience five-star services. Booking an all-inclusive package is a chance to stay in a cozy boutique hotel. Additionally, planning your vacation during the green season is one way to enjoy amazing cheap deals in a cheap vacation package.

Some top things to do in Jaco


You can hike Mirador Mountain for amazing views. At the top of this mountain is an abandoned hotel whose construction stopped midway. The road is open to the public to go up the mountain and soak in the amazing views. The walls of the abandoned hotel are filled with amazing artwork by graffiti artists. You can drive with a 4X4 drive vehicle or walk from downtown Jaco to the mountain top.


Jaco is a wonderful destination for newbie surfers. You can rent a surfboard cheaply and book lessons in various places. Alternatively, there is stand up paddleboarding or boogie boarding. Beginners use the south end and the north is for pros with steeper and faster waves. Playa Hermosa is a beautiful sand beach with big waves for pro surfers and local competitions every Saturday afternoon.

Guided tours

There are various guided tours to enjoy in Jaco including jungle wildlife tours, horseback rides, flying through the air on ropes, and rappelling down a waterfall. There is immense fun for everyone to get their adrenaline racing. You can even just relax in Manuel Antonio on a sand beach watching sloths and monkeys. Kayaking is also available in the sea or estuary with an opportunity to catch some fish for dinner.


Costa Rica is the ideal destination for a wonderful family vacation. Booking an all-inclusive vacation package from a reputable agency makes everything regarding your trip planned out for you. Apart from cost saving, it saves you from having to run up and down making bookings before your trip.

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