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Lifespan of Your Roof

Many factors can affect your roof’s lifespan. However, extending the lifespan of your roof is relatively simple and budget-friendly.

All you need to do is incorporate proper maintenance strategies. Luckily, most tiled roof restoration or maintenance techniques are simple enough to implement and don’t require extensive knowledge about roofing.

Checking water damage or roof cleaning might be less fun than other household projects. Yet, they are crucial for maintaining your roof.

According to professional roofing contractors, Total Power Wash you shouldn’t wait until your roof damages before implementing the maintenance strategies.

Instead, consider the below-listed tips to prolong the life of your roof.

How to prolong your roof’s lifetime?

Schedule routine roofing self-inspections

The phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure’ has the most suitable application for extending a roof’s shelf life, So find here Roof Cleaning Service Near Me.

If there is one thing you can do to keep your roof in good condition for a long time, it is to have the roof inspected regularly.

Any minor leak or crack in the roof can cause serious and intricate problems if left unattended for an extended duration long.

Therefore, asking for scheduling self-inspections is critical. Sometimes your roof may require reroofing or roof restoration if the damage is left untreated and becomes too severe. 

Watch out for nearby hanging tree branches

Often, homeowners are wary of trees on their property and consider them a nuisance. Yet, they work wonders in protecting roofs from water damage and can even lower your home’s energy bills.

Nonetheless, trees with extremely lower branches can damage your roof after a gust of strong wind or storm. 

Overhanging branches can damage your roof severely if they rub against your rooftop or fall on it. So, it will help expand the lifespan of your tiled roof if you watch out for low-hanging branches.

Furthermore, it’s better to prune trees, especially if your home is in an area experiencing harsh weather conditions. In addition to overhanging branches, remove any dead or dying branches.

Inspect your roof flashing.

Now that roof flashing is just tiny sheets of metal, steel, or aluminium, it is easy to miss. Although the roof flashing is small, it prevents water and other moisture from entering and damaging your house.

So, ensure to carefully inspect the roof flashing. Look for signs of damaged roof flashing, such as dents, rust, or rot. If your roof flashing is damaged, get professional help to repair or replace it.

Prioritise optimal ventilation.

While ventilation is technically a different concept from the roof, it still can affect your roof’s integrity. For example, improperly installed attic soffits and vents are one of the significant causes of condensation on the plywood decking.

It can further affect Wunderlich’s terracotta roof tiles, ultimately leading to rot. The same problem can also be caused due to improperly installed exhaust fans.

So, you need a properly functioning ventilation system to extend your roof’s lifespan. A humid or warm attic, mould, and mildew indicate issues with your ventilation system.

You should inspect your attic and check for any air blockages, including your pathways. In addition, don’t forget to check and clean your soffit screens. 

Do not power-wash the roof tiles

The best thing you can do for your roofing tiles is to avoid undertaking any uniformed DIY route. Even though power washing has made cleaning much easier, avoiding using this tool to clean your roofing shingles is best.

The reason for this is the highly concentrated spray tends to loosen the granules on the shingles’ top coating and cause damage to them.

Instead, it is recommended that you use a broom or leaf blower to carefully remove any dirt, moss, or debris manually from your roof.

Choose the correct type of roofing material 

Choosing the suitable roofing material is among the most helpful ways to ensure the long shelf life of your roof. Some durable materials lasting over 25 years are concrete and terracotta.

Terracotta tiles Wunderlich are affordable, durable, easily installed, and can last almost 75 to 100 years with proper care and maintenance.

On the other hand, concrete roofing is popular for its durability and longevity, as it can last for almost three decades.

By opting for any of these materials, you can rest assured that roof replacement will not happen soon. These roofing material options are also proven to withstand severe weather elements.

Secure and fortify your roof

You can’t control the climate and the weather. Australia is known for experiencing climatic extremes. However, there are still many ways to protect your roof and extend its lifespan in these extreme weather conditions.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to fortify the roof. You can ask a professional roofing contractor for special tapes or sealants during reroofing or new roof installation.

This can help protect the roof from harsh elements. Or you can also lock down your roof’s edges with metal flashing. 

Consider the slope of your roof  

Always remember that flatter roofs usually have shorter shelf life than more sloped roofs.

A sloped roof will allow rain and snow to slide down and prevent them from penetrating the roof’s surface and causing any damage. So, consider installing a more sloped before at first instance.

 Key Takeaway

Whether you are a new homeowner or an experienced homemaker, you know how expensive it can be to install a new roof.

Therefore, it’s not possible to install the roof time and again. The most budget-friendly way for the roof to operate at its best and last for a long is by incorporating roof maintenance strategies in regular life. 

Implementing some of these strategies can help you restore your roof’s health for an extended period.

Additionally, consider contacting a professional roofing contractor for reroofing or installing a new roof with terracotta tiles Wunderlich, or other roofing materials.

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