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I am a motorcycle enthusiast from California who loves hunting. I have always enjoyed exploring nature and getting close to wildlife. Hunting for me is not only a sport, but also a challenge and enjoyment. I have two like-minded friends, Steven Jeremiah and Nathaniel Reynolds, who are also motorcycle enthusiasts and love hunting as much as I do. 

Last week, we decided to go hunting at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. Mammoth Cave National Park is the world’s largest cave system and a national park with rich biodiversity. We heard that there are many animals suitable for hunting here, so we planned to stay there for a few days, visit the caves during the day and hunt at night. In order to be able to see the animals clearly at night, we chose a very cost-effective Chinese brand WildGuarder owler1. This is a professional night vision binocular, and we are very looking forward to its performance. This trip was an unforgettable experience for us. Next, I will share in detail our hunting process at Mammoth Cave National Park, as well as the surprises and conveniences that WildGuarder owler1 brought us. I will also recommend you the local food and customs of Barcaldine. I hope you will like my article and also have the opportunity to experience the fun of hunting at night.

Our destination was Mammoth Cave National Park, an American national park located in western Kentucky. The park covers more than 20,000 hectares and contains the world’s longest cave system – Mammoth Cave. The cave system has been explored for more than 285 miles (458 kilometers) of passages, and there are still more unknown parts. It is a typical example of karst topography, forming a variety of cave landscapes, such as huge chambers, vertical shafts, stalactites and stalagmites, and rare sulfate minerals. It not only shows the different stages of Earth’s evolutionary history, but also is home to many plants and animals, some of which are endangered species.

Mammoth Cave National Park has caves and other natural and cultural attractions. You can stroll along over 80 miles (128 kilometers) of paths in the park, admiring the beautiful forests, valleys, canyons, and waterfalls. Two rivers – Green River and Nolin River – let you go boating, fishing, and swimming. In addition, some historical relics are preserved, such as Native American sites, early explorers’ camps, and military facilities from the Civil War era.

Hunting at Mammoth Cave National Park was awesome because there were tons of animals to go after. The park had 65 kinds of fuzzy things, over 200 kinds of birds, over 70 kinds of creepy-crawlies, and more than 30 kinds of fish. Some of these animals came out at night or when it got dark, like deer, foxes, groundhogs, raccoons, wild turkeys and so on. They were hungry or bored at night, and we were after them. Of course, we always did what the park said, like when to hunt, what to use, and how to get a pass.

In the following article, I will introduce how we used WildGuarder owler1 to hunt at night and share our experience of tasting local food in Barcaldine. Please continue reading!

To hunt at night, we must have a good night vision device. We compared and chose from various options and finally decided to buy WildGuarder owler1, which is a night vision binocular from China with many excellent features and characteristics. In this part, I will introduce you to the performance, advantages, and user experience of WildGuarder owler1.

WildGuarder owler1 is a professional night vision device that can be used both day and night. It has multiple functions, such as taking photos, recording videos, and playback. It supports 20x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, which allows you to observe the target clearly. It is very suitable for camping, hiking, caving, animal observation, and other night activities.

The biggest feature of this night vision binoculars is that it has a built-in 5W infrared LED light, 850nm wavelength infrared illuminator, which allows you to observe the target in complete darkness, and the distance can reach 1640 feet (500 meters), the best distance is 656 feet (200 meters). This is very useful for our hunting, of course, if you want to use WildGuarder owler1 during the day, you can turn off the infrared light and use it as a normal binocular, its field of view can reach 9800 feet (3000 meters).

Another great feature is that it has a built-in 2-inch TFT display, with a resolution of 854×4801. This display allows you to watch the images and videos you take or record in real time, and adjust the brightness, contrast, and other parameters. You can also connect WildGuarder owler1 to your computer or TV via USB or HDMI interface, to enlarge or transfer the images and videos. This way you can better appreciate the night scenes and animals you captured.

The operation is very simple and convenient, you only need 6 buttons to adjust various functions. It uses 8 AA batteries as power source, which can work for more than 6 hours continuously. It also supports Micro SD card as storage device, up to 32GB. Its shape design is also very user-friendly, it weighs only 0.9 kg (excluding batteries), and its size is 210mm (length) x161mm (width) x63mm (height). It also comes with a neck strap and a USB cable, which makes it easy to carry and use.

We were very satisfied with the performance and effect of WildGuarder owler1 during the use. It allowed us to see the details and movements of the animals clearly when hunting at night, and took many wonderful images and videos. We also compared other brands of night vision binoculars, and found that WildGuarder owler1 has a great advantage in price, quality, function, etc. We think WildGuarder owler1 is a very cost-effective night vision device, worth recommending to all friends who like night activities.

We stayed at Mammoth Cave National Park for two nights, and went out hunting every night. We chose some more remote and quiet places, such as the edge of the forest, the river bank, or the small hill. We would first use WildGuarder owler1 to observe the surrounding environment and animals, then quietly approach the target, and then shoot with a gun or a bow and arrow. We would try to keep quiet and hidden, to avoid disturbing other animals or humans.

When hunting at night, we encountered many interesting and exciting things. Once, we saw a big deer drinking water by the river, its antlers were very beautiful, we decided to make it our target. We slowly approached it, ready to shoot. Just as we were about to pull the trigger, suddenly a huge alligator jumped out of the river, biting the deer’s leg. The deer screamed, struggling to escape, but the alligator held on tightly. We were scared by this scene, and quickly backed away a few steps. We used WildGuarder owler1 to capture this thrilling scene, and thanked God for not hurting us.

In short, when hunting at night, we experienced many unforgettable things, and captured many animals. WildGuarder owler1 gave us a lot of help and convenience, allowing us to see the target clearly in the dark, and took many wonderful images and videos. We really like this night vision binoculars, and think it is our best partner for night activities.

During our trip, besides hunting, we also enjoyed the local food. Such as lamb pie, beef burger, Australian coffee and so on.

Lamb pie is a pie made with lamb and sauce as filling, wrapped in pastry and baked. It is usually served with tomato sauce or dip sauce, tastes delicious and juicy. We ate lamb pie at a shop called The Pie Shop in Barcaldine, felt very satisfied, there were also other flavors of pies, such as chicken pie, beef pie, seafood pie and so on.

Beef burger is a popular fast-food item that is made with beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and other ingredients sandwiched between bread, with sauce and seasoning. It can be served with fries or salad as side dishes, or with bacon or egg as extra fillings.

Australian coffee is a type of coffee that originated in Australia, and is popular among coffee lovers around the world. It is made with espresso and steamed milk, and has different variations such as flat white, latte, cappuccino, long black, etc. It has a rich flavor and smooth texture, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The thing we are most grateful for in this trip is WildGuarder owler1, which is a night vision device that allows us to see the target clearly when hunting at night, and took many wonderful images and videos. It allows us to explore the mysteries of nature in the dark, and also allows us to record our adventures and harvests.

If you also like night activities, such as hunting, observing animals or security monitoring etc., I strongly recommend you to buy WildGuarder owler1, it will bring you many surprises and conveniences. You can find more information about it and how to buy it on the official website. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you like my sharing, and also have the opportunity to experience the fun of hunting at night. Goodbye!

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