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The first impression every website has on its viewers entirely depends on the quality of its design. Every aspect of the website from its layout to the visuals is responsible for creating an impression on the visitors. Therefore, we could say that the design of the website is an important step in creating a successful online presence. The general question asked by the audience is How Long does it take to build a website? It is a lengthy procedure that necessitates a great deal of patience and effort. Every custom web development service provider must go through certain steps in a project. Although it is not easy to determine the exact steps followed by a developer however there are some basic steps that are followed by every development company. Some of these essential stages of the website design and development process are discussed ahead for your understanding.

Project Planning:

Project planning refers to the important process of determining the overall goal and objective of the project. This can be categorized as the most important of web development. This step is further divided into the following parts.

Website Requirement– In this stage we determine what are the precise requirement of the website. That means defining the features of the website, targeted audience, and the goal of the website.

Project Summary– Summarizing all the requirements and forming a document to guide the custom web development process.

Resources Required– Planning what sources are required for website development from finances to the technical resources everything is added to the budget of the project.

Performance Goals– Panning what are the performance goal of the website form the page loading speed to the website design and development goals are decided.

Competitor Analysis– Analysis of what the features do the competitor website has and analysing all its statistics from the number of visitors the bounce rate of the rival website.

Scope of The Project:

The second step after the project planning is to determine the scope of the project. Creating a scope of the project helps to ensure that the project remains in the specified budget. Custom Web development companies give the visual reference of the project. Moreover, it helps to chart all the activities of the project. It creates a timeline to achieve the specific goals and it makes the design team accountable for their completion.


Design of The Website:

The next step of website design is to design the website. During this step, the developers focus on selecting the right color layout, theme, features, and every other design aspect of the website. It is important for developers to incorporate business logos and colors into the design of the website. So, the website strengthens the brand identity and the website act as a business portfolio for the customers.


Well, this is the technical part of designing a website. The custom web development team create different parts of the website. Every part from the home page to the login terminal and buttons are created to make a functional website. The developers would also decide which development platform would be best suitable for the website and how they could provide the business owners the right content management system.

Trail and Testing:

This the final phase of custom website development and designing. The web designers would start the testing procedure to give the website the touch-ups. They would also test the functionality of the website to make sure every feature is functional, and they are running smoothly without any bug.

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