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QuickBooks accounting is a business accounting software invented by Intuit. Designed for implementation by SMEs, the accounting software renders several features equipped towards helping users to handle all of their accounting operations, for example, receiving payments, settlement, payroll as well as financial reporting. There are numerous benefits SMEs can get from making the utilization of QuickBooks accounting.


In other words, QuickBooks accounting enables you to view and maintain your sales, purchases, and payments in one place. Moreover, it serves companies to take care of payroll.


 Features of Quickbooks accounting


  • Money Management


QuickBooks accounting is combined with functions intended to accommodate small and medium ventures in managing their funds. One specialty of the software allows business people to key in the due dates and purchase details for all recurring bills. Along with this, each transaction is documented for simple convenience at the moment of audits.

The users of QuickBooks accounting software are also capable to link their bank accounts to the accounts receivable software integration. Additionally, providing them, the convenience of checking all financial reports on just one click, this function furthermore affords them the benefit of getting rid of the necessity for paper bank statements.

  • Expense invoices

Whenever conducting out business, specialists normally rack up infrequent expenses which are invoiced to customers. These may be little expenses, like the cost of dinners, or even huge amounts, like international traveling. Irrespective of the extent or sort of expense, QuickBooks retains the capability that facilitates users to document every one of these.

Moreover, expenses can be saved by customer or task, rendering users the benefit of not having to settle them individually.

  • Billing on sales


QuickBooks Accounting Software sponsors the time-saving specialty of holding track of sales and spontaneously forming receipts and bills at the single mouse click. Bills may then be electronically transferred to clients through email process. The software also allows clients to be accredited separately or in big batches. The latter functionality can be particularly helpful whenever invoicing many customers for a similar service.


An additional advantage will be gained by end-users of being in a state to receive credit as well as debit card charges through QuickBooks accounting.


  • Fiscal Recording


Clients of QuickBooks accounting can probably create several economic reports. These include year-over-year revenue, expense, trends, and forecasting records. Furthermore, each report can be exported into a spreadsheet arrangement and sent electronically utilizing email.


  • User-friendly accounting software


The inventors of QuickBooks accounting software advanced it in such a form that it is uncomplicated and user friendly. For the beginners, it provides virtual orientation practice. Additionally, the majority of the program’s abilities can be initialized at just one mouse click.


Pros and Cons of Quickbooks accounting


QuickBooks assists to meet the dynamic requirements of small businesses today. This software can be operated by users anywhere. Being the most famous accounting solution for small businesses, it accommodates a fundamental accounting solution with reliable packages. It offers essential inventory management mechanisms for regular business operation.


But, we can notice some pros and cons over introductory solutions. Based on the survey, we can understand What qualities do users like about QuickBooks” and What users do not admire about QuickBooks. According to this data, we can consider the advantages and disadvantages of QuickBooks.


Pros of QuickBooks accounting


  • User-friendly or uncomplicated operation
  • Affordable cost
  • Runs well with third-party apps
  • An excellent accounting records
  • Unlimited bill transfer via email


Cons of QuickBooks accounting


  • Shortage of business-specific peculiarities, for example, tracking, barcode scanning
  • Lack of professional guidance
  • Problems related to the size of documents.
  • Fixed number of users.
  • Unable to gain reports from the outside of accounting
  • System noises and uncertainty




Everyone knows that QuickBooks is a comprehensive introductory system for new users and small and medium enterprises. While beginning a new business, an entrepreneur should understand which type of software is needed to operate the business. The primary reason for the software buying is based around the necessity for accomplishing accounting and Financials, and in this circumstance, as we know already, QuickBooks is a reasonable choice, as It helps to satisfy each type of business necessities. Also, we can say its one of the perfect option to serve your company successfully.


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