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There are many situations where you may want to view your Instagram likes on PC. It could be for numerous reasons like wanting to know how much people like your content, seeing who likes your posts the most, etc. There are several applications out there that will give you total access to all your Instagram activity along with insights into what is working well or not. However, if you would rather avoid using third-party apps and use the official one instead while still accessing all your like data then here is a quick tutorial that guides you through it.

The process of viewing Post Likes Instagram on PC has been made easy with the help of IG Views+. This application allows users to see their IG profile’s statistics in an easy way without having any technical knowledge. This saves a lot of time as well as helps you to remove the difficulties that come with your IG account being created on a mobile device.


In order to view your likes on Instagram, please follow these steps:


1) First of all go to IG Views+ .com and click “Login”.

It will ask for your login credentials so just put them in and allow it access to your profile. After successfully logging in, you can see your insights displayed before you. Scroll down a bit and choose “IG Likes” from the drop-down menu given at the top center of the screen. Then, choose the option ‘Instagram’. You will then be directed towards an Instagram login page where you need to enter your username and password.


2) If the application is able to access your profile successfully then you will be forwarded to a page with insights from your account.

Here, in the bottom of the panel on the left is a section that says “Likes”. This is where you can view all information related to likes on Instagram. There is a per day count for each day since you have been using IG and it displays all statistics in an impressive graphical format. The graphs are interactive so just click on any line or bar that you want to know more about and it will take you to that specific date’s statistic instantly.


3) In order to find out how many people have liked your posts today, please look at the top right corner of this page and you will see a blue column bar that says “Today”.

Just click on it and it will display all your posts along with their likes count. In the screenshot below, you can see that this person has 4 likes for today i.e. from today’s morning to now in the evening.


4) There is also an option of going ahead and checking out how many people liked a specific photo or video on Instagram by looking at the search bar given at the top right corner of the screen.

The first option gives you suggestions so just type any photo or video’s name there and choose one of them to check its like count. Make sure you give a ‘before’ time frame while entering names for purpose as searching with your current time frame will give you results for the last 24 hours only.


5) The other option is to click ‘View all Likes’ which will show you a pop-up with links from your timeline as well as those which have been shared from other accounts.

Scroll down and you will find the option of going through photos or videos that you have liked, just check any photo or video that interests you and its likes count will be displayed below it. In the screenshot below, I have chosen a random photo but since it belongs to an account which has not been public so hence there are no likes on it.


6) It is possible to go ahead and view your favorite Instagram pictures or videos by clicking “View All” under the top right corner of the screen.

Just enter your username or search an account that interests you in the given space and it will show all pictures, videos and stories related to it.


7) If you want to view all images/videos posted by a specific person then just go ahead with the option ‘View All’.

You can give this name in the search bar provided or choose via any suggestions shown after typing anything there. It is also possible to get better results by checking out posts from multiple people under one filter which would be done if we had opted for something like “view all likes for Facebook”. This way you get all posts from same accounts together on one page instead of having them scattered around. In case you wish to see only photos and ignore videos, you can un-select them in the blue section given at top left corner.

PICUKI is a free portal to browse Instagram content without having an account. If you are a digital marketer and want to know what is trending, do check out this website. The best part is, its free and have unlimited access

For viewing your Instagram likes on Facebook, there are two applications that I use personally and one of them is Social Insight . It requires access to your profile just like the previous application but it has an easy procedure for doing so which involves allowing it access to all your data related to Facebook. After signing in with your details, just go ahead and click ‘Like’ from the top center of the homepage to get started. Here, you will be shown a list of suggested pages which you can choose from or search inside yourself or by other options provided. Another way to get results without wasting too much time is using ‘Time’. Just leave everything blank and choose ‘All Time’ or any other time period you want. It will show all the pages liked by your account for that specific time frame.

I hope this article helped you in finding an answer to your query about How do I view my Instagram likes on my pc? If still if any confusion persists, please go ahead and leave a comment below. I would love to help you out!


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