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Email Marketing

Email marketing – what is it? 

E-mail marketing is an Internet marketing tool that builds direct communication between an entrepreneur and a consumer. Its essence lies in the fact that the company via e-mail sends letters to potential or regular customers with advertising, news, notification information.

Two misconceptions about email marketing: 

Email marketing is spamming by email. The essence of e-mail marketing is personalized communication between the seller and the consumer after the latter has given consent. And spam is the mass distribution of advertising messages to random users without permission. 

Email marketing and email marketing are the same thing. Newsletter is a constituent element of e-mail marketing. That is, marketing is a strategy, distribution is a tool for its implementation.

Email Marketing Tasks 

As a marketing tool, e-mail marketing poses a number of tasks that must be completed in order to successfully promote a business. The degree to which they are fulfilled depends on how correctly the chosen strategy for establishing communication with customers was implemented. 


Getting customers ready to make a purchase. In other words, the main task of email marketing is lead generation . With the help of direct communication with the client, the degree of readiness of a person to make a purchase is determined. This allows you to plan further actions aimed at bringing a person to the final stage of marketing – making a deal.

 Increased loyalty

 When the buyer is sure that in the event of a disputable, conflict situation, he will solve problems with the seller through an electronic appeal, the level of trust in the company increases. For this, it is important that the entrepreneur takes an active part in the dialogue and assists clients in solving their problems. 

Providing feedback.

 When sending automatic emails, the letters contain addresses for feedback. Thus, an entrepreneur can find out first-hand complaints, discontent, wishes of customers, which helps to improve the quality of service.

Email Marketing Benefits 

Email marketing is considered a basic advertising tool. That is, whatever the status and size of the company, this method of promotion is used in the first place. This is due to a number of advantages: Low cost. The ability to form a “live” customer base. The ability to push the client to take certain actions. Full automation of the process. Personalized approach to the client.

Types of e-mail newsletters 

From the definition, it is clear that communication with the client is established using letters sent by e-mail. Moreover, the purpose of the letter can be not only advertising. 

There are several types of e-mail newsletters: Transactional. Transactional emails are a kind of response to user actions performed on the merchant’s website. For example, a person chose a product, put it in the cart, but did not order it. To finally convince the client of the need for this particular purchase, transactional mailing is used. The letter specifies the terms of delivery, the advantages of a particular product, the amount of discounts when ordering, guarantees, etc. 

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