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keep eyeliner from smudgingkeep eyeliner from smudging


The eyes can be made perfectly lush and dramatic with the use of eyeliner. Each swipe of the eyeliner creates a different effect. Now you can use the long lasting waterproof eyeliner formula to keep them rightly placed; be it the upper, lower lid or the waterline region of the eye. To make them last longer, smudge free, you need to adopt some tricks and reinforce the tips if you have been following them. It is ideal to upgrade to a good eyeliner formula in all the three forms- liquid, pencils and gel. The kohl is traditional to many cultures and offers the same extra dark coverage and defining effect to your eyes.

Here are certain tips to know for those beautiful and radiant eyes! Now get ready to grab some attention and look fabulously well defined with the long lasting waterproof eyeliner formula.

Long Life and Smudge free Eyeliners

It is recommended to prep your eye region before you decide to style them up.

  • Firstly, clear out any smokey, black or coloured residue of such eye cosmetics- eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter etc surrounding the eye region. If you have baggy eyes, dark circles and lines, you must first treat them to get that perfect finish in the end. Or else the makeup remains half done and has a dripping down effect.
  • Use a hydrating serum, massage a good moisturiser to the under eye region. 
  • Make use of skin primer, foundation and the concealer to get that even toned skin, devoid of all such indicators of premature aging. 
  • Beautify with the best of colours and shades you got to compliment with eye region and eyeliner shade.
  • Then only proceed to line your eyes with the eyeliner applicator. This way, the eyeliner lasts longer and remains smudge free.
  • For the waterline, use the pencil eyeliner to have a hassle free and easy procedure. Else end up with a wet, red eye.
  • The dry and well set layer of foundation or the concealer becomes the perfect base to hold on to the eyeliner formula.

You may also cut down the sequence of the makeup cosmetics with the use of a CC or colour correcting cream alone; and apply the eyeliner formula after the eye shadows are put on. The waterline can either be applied with a black or white pencil eyeliner to make them look smaller or larger accordingly. You may even experiment with the blush and lipstick colours to apply as the eyeliner shade. The gel is the better deal to go for the eyeliner format as it does not spread quickly like the liquid. 

The waterline needs to be carefully done with the pencil eyeliner as it stays and dries up instantly when applied. You need not wait and blow air to get it dry. The liquid eye liner must be limited to the upper lid application as the eye lashes can stop it from coming down. But make sure you do not overdeck your lashes with the liquid eyeliner. Do it in a phased manner by first making a rough outline to be later filled with it. Do not go filling first. That can make you remove and wipe off the eyeliner if some unwanted strokes may result. 

Also there is something to be vary of. Having thick lines compared to that of the upper lid on the lower eye region makes you look dull. The overall makeup fails to give you that uplifting effect. You need to first determine which colour and design suits your face the most. Do not be under the delusion of all those advertised styles to suit all the face shapes and diverse eye types. Practice with a steady hand, build up your flair with these eye styling cosmetics. And become an expert in defining the eyes.

For safer eye styling, do not hesitate to dump the eyeliner formula containing these chemicals- carbon black, ethanolamine compounds, formaldehyde, prime yellow carnauba wax, benzalkonium chloride, parabens, heavy metals, retinyl acetate/palmitate, titanium dioxide etc. These are toxic in the long run.  Read the ingredients and labels carefully to be aware of what you are going to take home for your eyes.


When it comes to removing the eyeliner, you may as with other skin care cosmetics, use the makeup remover and use coconut oil to smoothly remove the eye region cosmetic. Swipe gently with a cotton ball. Supply your eyes with eye drops to let them restore the moisture which is extracted or lost when it comes to the use of dry eye cosmetics surrounding it. That keeps them moist if you are a regular user of eyeliners.

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