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oxygen compressor

An oxygen concentrator can be described as a piece of equipment which extracts oxygen from air, supplying you with the oxygen you require. Certain doctors may recommend certain oxygen supplements where there are breathing issues, such as asthma COPD as well as cystic fibrosis or pneumonia, sleep apnea or lung disease. It is essential to make sure that the device is properly set up before you begin using it.

Follow the steps according to Avinash Gupta, to install your oxygen concentrator at home.

Avinash Gupta About:

Avinash Gupta is 55 Years Old, was born on May 10, 1965, and lives in 24, Pocket A Flats of Sukhdev Vihar near the Okhla region in South East New Delhi.

He is a scientist by experience and currently runs a business by the name of SK Enterprises in Jasola, Sarita Vihar.

He has 2 kids: Yash and Radhika. Yash is in Grade 11, and Radhika is working in a reputed firm.

Avinash got married to Preeti.

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Part I: Configuring the device

  1. Positioning

Place the oxygen concentrator in a space that is at least 2 feet from your wall and furniture. This is due to the fact that the device is required to pull or expel energy. Therefore it is essential to provide the device enough space to execute its function correctly. Another thing you must ensure is that the space around the machines must be free of obstructions.

Furthermore, in addition to making it possible for air to flow, your device is likely to get hot during this process, which means it could pose an opportunity for fire in the event that you put your oxygen concentrator close to furniture or curtains.

  1. Connect your humidification bottle

It’s now time to place the cap with a threaded hole on a humidification bottle you’ve decided to attach to your oxygen concentrator. Turn the bottle slowly until it is fixed to the concentrator device.

The location of your outlet could vary depending on the model you have chosen and, therefore, you have to read the instruction manual that came with the machine. Most often, the outlet is located on the side of the machine close to the dials.

Be sure to use distilled or filtered water to fill the humidification container. The cap should be removed from the top and start filling it up with water. Then, cover the cap with a cap before you secure the bottle to your oxygen concentrator. It is essential to ensure that you replace the water each time your device is in use.

It is necessary to prescribe the humidification bottle when your physician recommends that you maintain an oxygen level of 3 and 4 (or more) Liters per minute.

  1. Nowis the time to join the oxygen tubing using an adapter or any humidification bottle that you own.

There is a type of port if you’re using a humidification bottle along with the oxygen concentrator. that is the place where you’ll need to connect your tube. However in the event that you’re without a humidification bottle you can find an oxygen adaptor, known as “Christmas Tree adaptor” to be connected to your tubes. It’s like a funnel with only one point on the end and a long end.

  1. Make sure you have the correct position for the air filter

A filter for air is an accessory device to oxygen concentrators that eliminate particles and allergens out of the air. You must are able to locate it on the sides on your unit. Additionally, you can alter or remove the filter at any time however you should ensure that every time you switch it on, the machine’s filter is on.

Part 2 Turning On

  1. Turn on your oxygen concentrator device.

Always ensure that you switch on your device prior to fifteen minutes of using it. This is due to the fact that the device needs to be allowed to focus the air correctly before you can begin using it. So, it is important to switch it on prior to when you start breathing into it.

  1. The machine’s switch should be plugged into any outlet with a grounded plug

Be sure to use the right outlet are using to connect an oxygen concentrator is grounded. There must not be another device connected since it could draw a lot more power. In contrast If the outlet you plug into doesn’t have an electrical connection, it is recommended to plug in an adapter.

  1. Turn the power switch on to “ON” state

The switch that is on the oxygen concentrator on your device is marked as”on/off,” or it may also be marked with “Start.” When you turn the switch into the active position, the lights will be turned on, and some sound will be heard when the machine begins taking in air and then releases it.

  1. Alarm

Your oxygen concentrator emits an alarm for a few seconds when you switch it on according to Avinash Gupta. This will make certain that the machine isn’t accidentally turned on. The alarm will go off within a few minutes.

Part 3 The adjustment of to the rate at which your oxygen concentrator is flowing

  1. Place on the knob for control

The appearance of your knob could differ, however you have to make sure that it is be the main switch or knob on the machine. It also will indicate LPM Liters Per Minute. It it could be in the form of levels, like 1,3,4, etc. Additionally, the knobs be numbered in accordance with the model you own.

  1. Dreh the knob on your device until it reaches the number you’re required to see.

Your physician must have given you a particular quantity or amount of oxygen you should regularly. Adjusting the knob in accordance with the prescribed dosage will make a difference rather than just taking a random amount you want to.

  1. Utilize the exact volume of oxygen.

It could be dangerous when you consume the recommended amount of oxygen, without consulting your physician. So, always follow the advice of your physician and adjust the oxygen level adjustments according to the prescriptions that your doctor has given you.

Part 4: Put your nasal cannula or mask

  1. Examine tubing for bends, kinks, or bends.

This can disrupt the flow of oxygen and cause it to stop. So, make sure they are smooth when you notice any curves. Kink can interrupt or disrupt your flow of oxygen that you require. You may have to replace tubing in case it fails to straight.

  1. Apply the mask to the face to create an oxygen level that is low

This is to ensure that there’s no gaps between the mask’s edges. Attach the elastics to the ear or above your head in accordance with the style of mask you’ve chosen.

  1. The nasal cannula should be inserted in the nostrils to receive an increased amount of oxygen

Each prong that is attached to your cannula must be properly curved to the nostril. After that then you can now wrap your tubes over your ears. Adjust them to ensure it fits properly to your cheeks.

  1. A Strat breathes under the mask

You can breathe normally through your mask, letting your concentrator enhance oxygen. Make use of it for a period that is prescribed by your physician. Then, turn the device off if you’re not taking it off for any reason.

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