Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Food and Beverage is a highly competitive industry driven by changing customer patterns and demands. Think about upcoming trends such as ordering meals online, buying clothes and groceries, vegetables, and so much more. The market is fiercely competitive and showing no slowdown.  The change in preferences, strict government regulations is necessitating the need to step into the digital era. 

So, there comes the need to invest in software that can help you view and track information throughout the entire supply chain, maintain the right formulas, minimize time to market, maintain accurate product information, manage recipes and formulations, reduce product costs by mitigating errors.  

The F&B industry just like other industries has felt the brunt of the global pandemic more than any other industry. Have we referred to supply chain unpredictability? Or any unpredictable surge or decline in both supply and demand? The good news is that businesses are slowly coming to the right path. There are limitless opportunities to gain a competitive edge. To harness the potential that new normal brings in– F&B companies are considering new technologies to automate their business processes. 


Digitize your business with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an enterprise-ready software that streamlines all business functions of the  F&B industry. Whether you are navigating to a new market or expanding in new geographies, you can rely on one solution to meet all your requirements. 

In this blog, let’s dive deep and see how we can empower growing F&B companies to act smarter than before. 


Product Availability

It’s important to have the right product in the right store which is imperative for every business. This dashboard renders a clear picture of correct inventory levels at all times. You can drill down category-wise. Further, it is easier to identify gaps. 


Shopping Cart Analysis and Behavior 

Understanding online shopping cart behaviour is imperative for businesses. ERP such as SAP Business One helps F&B companies analyze various traffic streams, analyze shopping cart behaviours and gain insights from in-built business intelligence. 


Order Tracking and Sales Fulfillment

Conveniently sort by date or customer or any other field. Keep a track of order shipment, track shipments and run real-time insights into order fulfilment to boost customer satisfaction. 


View Trends and year on year performance

It is easier to analyze trends, evaluate year-on-year performance, monitor trends, and gain a 360 view of your business. The software indicates the overall health of your business. It helps in a detailed analysis and evaluates everything by product, state, city or store wise.  

Often decision-makers struggle with spreadsheets and heaps of data to lay informed business decisions. SAP Business One empowers businesses to identify and reveal critical insights faster.  

Today’s Food and Beverage companies need smart food and beverage ERP not merely to survive but to maintain a competitive edge where customer behaviour and expectation are focused on quality and various parameters. To make informed business decisions, leading F& b companies are investing in robust BI software. You can contact one of the best erp companies in Hyderabad to lead in the new. 

By Neelima Bansal

Neelima Bansal is an experienced tech enthusiast, digital marketer, and blogger who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. Check out her blog at StoryBuzz. She also love to contributes her another tech new blog GuglY Tech

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