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The significant advancements in technology have brought advertisement technology to market. Advertisement technology, also known as AdTech, is popular software that works like magic for online entrepreneurs. Without ad tech in action, we wouldn’t have been able to install free apps on our mobile phones. This is because there would be no way to monetize businesses, and they would run into oblivion. 

You must have heard another term related to ad tech; MarTech. Many people use the two terms interchangeably; however, they are not the same. They are different in many aspects and even have different functions to perform. Let us understand how they are different from each other in this article. 

What is MarTech? 

MarTech is an abbreviated form of Market technologies. It includes the use of any tools for managing and executing digital marketing strategies. MarTech helps in creating, managing, and running the marketing campaigns by using various software such as: 

– CRM Software

– Email Marketing Software

– Digital Analytics Tool

– Social media Management Software, and more. 

What is Ad Tech?

Ad Tech is a broader term that involves displaying ads on different platforms to be visible to potential customers. Ad Agencies like Evan Rutchik use different approaches for building successful brands and businesses. The use of ad tech advertises the product and specializes in increasing the revenue growth of the businesses. Some examples of ad tech include: 

– Digital Banners

– Tag management system 

– Ad exchanges, networks, and servers

– Data Management Platforms, etc. 

How are Adtech and Martech different from each other? 

AdTech and Martech are different from each other. However, the differences are very small. But understanding the little variations will help you choose the correct platforms for your campaigns. 


  • The Roles


Advertising technology is designed to assist advertisers in creating, running, and measuring online advertising campaigns. The websites and apps use ad tech to sell the available space to other advertisers and entrepreneurs. There are various ways to do it, such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). 

On the other hand, brands use Martech to market themselves using different platforms such as email marketing, social media marketing, etc. Thus, it involves the use of all techniques to promote digital marketing campaigns. 

  • Platforms

Several platforms are available in the market; some of them are used in both; ad tech and martech industries. However, most platforms are built for specific use in the respective fields only. For Example- Advertisers use Demand-side platforms for running an online campaign and buy space from various ad exchanges. On the contrary, email-automation tools will only be used by marketers for promoting their digital content. 

  • Billing Model

The Ad tech companies use general billing types for their clients. The clients are charged based on the amount of advertising they purchase. The Adtech companies tend to sell their product to a broader marketplace such as advertising agencies and media. In contrast, MarTech uses a SaaS basis for billing its clients. They use the subscription method to sell their services. Martech sells directly to the marketers. 

  • Targets

Ad tech involves pitching to unknown prospects based on location, browser history, behavior, etc. In contrast, martech is more about targeting a specific group who have expressed their interest in the products and services offered.  

To understand better, ad tech relies on third-party data such as third-party cookies to choose their targets. At the same time, market technology uses a combination of personal data like emails, names, and first-party cookies. MarTech believes this to be a direct way to nurture the existing customer base. 

  • Media and Intermediaries

Another simple difference between ad tech and martech is the use of media and intermediaries. Ad tech uses paid media such as advertising agencies and partners. On the other hand, Martech focuses on free-to-use channels such as emails, SEO, and social media networking sites. In addition, Adtech prefers selling its services to advertisers based on their size. However, martech uses a straightforward approach and allows the clients to work directly with vendors. 

Final Words

Ad tech and Martech are equally essential tools for running a successful business. Even with a large amount of difference between them, they are both designed to work together to prove efficiency in their respective fields.


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Meets Patel is a well-know business and tech advisor with the abilities to keep a track and predict the market trends with the utmost accuracy.

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