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A tool that can incredibly customize and perform as you use it to play games on your systems is Razer Synapse. With its version 3 available right now, the users have started upgrading their hardware too. The software is pre-installed in Razer systems, but the availability of cross-platform integration facilities, allows you to install and use the customized devices connected to your Windows system too. This article will highlight the importance of Razer synapse as a Gaming Software.

Why is Razer Synapse Preferred?

Razer Synapse manufactures and makes software to increase gaming aesthetics. This is an incredible tool that allows you to get more involved as you play the games. A few features of the software are given below to understand the same.

  1. Game-Winning Combinations: Razer Synapse 3 is an unbelievable software to make the mouse clicks and the keys more customized. You can indeed make match-winning combinations that suit your style. The best part about the software is, the customization tab allows you to customize the clicks and presses of the keys in such a way that aids your speed. You can assign or re-assign functions to the mouse just with a click. The easy association and execution make the software most sought after.
  2. Razer Hypershift: A button can be assigned with multiple functions. You can remove the functions or double the functions of the button just by a press or a click. By doing so, you can make way for new customizations for the keys. At the same time, you can also increase the buttons for different tasks as well.

The functionalities mentioned here are the preferred ones. However, there are many other factors that the software possesses that makes your gaming experience memorable.

Hardware and Software Compatibility

It is a mandate that you purchase suitable hardware for the system. The software needs peripheral support and the devices used must be accepting the customizations as well. You can configure the hardware pretty easily. All you need is a mouse or a keyboard that is compatible with the software.

Mouse Sensitivity: Once the mouse is configured, you can alter the sensitivity for your comfort. You can not only increase the pointer speed but also adjust the LOD. This shall help set the mouse controls for your liking.

Rebind Buttons: This is another factor that adds to the functionality of the mouse. As you can assign the mouse with sensitiveness, the keys on the keyboard can be changed with functions too. You can assign multiple tasks to the keys as well. The ease with which you assign the function is commendable.

Incredible Lighting Effect: The devices not only perform well but it can also be set with the perfect lighting of your choice. There are presets for the lighting available for the users.

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Track Your Game Performance

Razer Synapse is software that allows you to track your performance. If you are planning to check the way you were playing for a while, you can get to know

  1. The distance you have moved
  2. The pressure that you exert as you play a game

More importantly, such metrics can improve your gaming strategies too. As such, understanding the way you are using the gear can impact your gaming experience. You can also track the mouse clicks as well as the keys pressed.

Share Your Experience

The comparison of your performance is easily possible with the tool’s sharing feature. You can now share the statistics and your scores on Facebook and Twitter. You can use this to compare your game with your friends and help you perform better too. The competitiveness shall not only increase, but it gives an immense gaming experience altogether.

Razer Synapse is robust software. Though it does not work with other hardware, the immersive gaming environment that the hardware offers is irresistible. The cloud storage format is impressive. This helps you to download anytime even if you use multiple computers. Moreover, you don’t need an internet connection to change the DPI of your mouse. The users must be aware of the updates required. At the same time, the software by itself notifies you of the updates regularly and it is recommended to keep the software up to date.


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