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Have you ever wanted to smoke some weed or pop an edible but hesitated because you know you need to function in x amount of hours? Every high hits you differently, and not everyone has the same experience as the next person. There are a variety of factors to think about when determining how long a weed high lasts so it is not as black and white as you’d think. Let’s dive deeper into how long marijuana highs last, what affects your level of being high, and spilling all the details of how to come down from a marijuana high.

How long does a marijuana high last?

A marijuana high can last anywhere between two hours to ten hours, give or take how much and how often you are consuming weed. Of course, this depends on many things such as the amount and type of THC being ingested, your biological makeup, how much you’ve eaten and hydrated that day, etc. It also depends on the form of consumption like smoking a joint, taking a dab, or eating an edible.

Smoking a joint

When smoking a joint, most times you’ll experience your peak high about 30 to 60 minutes in. This type of high normally tapers off after a few hours, but depending on how much ganja is packed will determine how long your high will stick around. If smoking a blunt, that high will be enhanced by the tobacco wrap. Pro tip: for an equally thrilling high but a more natural alternative, grab yourself a pack of High Hemp Organic Wraps to give your lungs a break!

Bong rips

Smoking out of a bong is similar to a joint but can hit you much harder when taking huge bong rips. Usually, you’ll instantly feel high after taking a bong rip, and if you hit it correctly that head high will last you a good hour or two at the very least. Taking bong rips is always a good idea when you are low on weed and need a quick pick me up to ride out the rest of the day.


Taking dabs is similar to bong rips with an instantaneous high, and most users will stay high for a few hours but inexperienced dabbers can feel it a lot more. Dabs will wipe you out for the entire day if you’re not careful so be honest with yourself about your tolerance!


Now, taking edibles is a whole different beast but recommended for those that do not or cannot smoke and want a full head and body high. Edibles usually kick in anywhere after 30 minutes to two hours and will fully reach its peak anytime after two to three hours after consumption. Depending on how much of the edible you eat and how much THC is in said edible, a person can easily feel its effects for a full 24 hours. Edibles hit much differently for each person so it’s best to start in small doses and work your way up. Practice a bit of patience because the last thing you want is to eat another cookie thinking it didn’t work and both edibles hit you five seconds later…it happens and is always a funny story to retell but try to chill out and let it work its magic.

How to end a marijuana high

There are a few methods to help someone come down from a marijuana high although some might work better for others and vice versa. Similar to the weed hangover detox guide, ending your high will help if you can find something to counteract those psychoactive effects. Essentially, anything that you consider to be self-care in helping to calm you down, will do the trick. Try a few of the following to end your marijuana high and see what works for you.

Take CBD

CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC so taking a dose of a full CBD strain will do the trick. This will not only help your body relax but your mind will slowly start to come back to the forefront as it clears away your high. Smoking a strain containing both THC and CBD would also be a good idea so you can immediately experience a nice balance without feeling like you smoked too much.


Drinking something hot will help to warm your senses and obviously just helps whenever you’re not feeling well in any form. Try to steep a lemon peel in hot water and drink it, you’ll find that the lemons are often calming so pairing this with chamomile tea can promote a relaxing effect similar to CBD.

Sleep it off

Taking a nap and essentially sleeping it off definitely helps, and if you are feeling too high you should always lay down and take it easy. Going to sleep helps to reset the body from being high and will rejuvenate your mind as well. Something as simple as a nap will suffice to help you wake up and feel brand new!

Eat a good meal

Having a nice and balanced meal will also help you come down from a high since you’ll have some fuel in your body, so eating something that isn’t too heavy but still filling is ideal. Munchies is a wonderful post smoking pastime but try not to munch too much or else you’ll be dealing with a stomach ache too.

Marijuana Highs

All in all, marijuana highs are manageable when taking the right measures to set yourself up for success. If mixing cannabis with something else, like alcohol, the effects of your high will dramatically increase. It is best to carefully test your tolerance and see what works for you. Getting high is a great way to spend your days doing something productive while staying lifted. Grab a cheap bong online, some good kush, and figure out what your sweet spot is!







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