Tue. May 21st, 2024
Malik Riaz

Marriage is a scared bond which is highly cherished and celebrated across various parts of the globe. It is not just a amalgamation of two identities, but two souls for the entire lifetime to come. On the other side, even Islam advocates the significance of marriage and its holds big importance in the religion. Still, despite of its various positive impacts on a person and societies, marriage has become a tough task to get along with. It has now turned into a huge financial affair which requires some lavish spending into all the arrangements and related aspects.

Malik Riaz

This is where Pakistan’s biggest philanthropic personality Malik Riaz felt deeply concerned about the overall situation and decided to introduce the creative concept of combined marriages in Pakistan. Until now, hundreds of deserving couples have been provided with the right means of getting married in an enormously respectable manner. All the necessary services like food, accommodation and dowry gets facilitated in order to enable the people from the under privileged class to transform themselves into a better and financially settled people despite of their financial constraints.

Within the last 12 years, Malik Riaz has put through funds for the marriages of a number of underprivileged in the house of notables; to let them all celebrate this combined marriage system in the best manner possible. On the other side, all the employees of Bahria town are provided with certain interest free loans along with easy repayment schedules to further facilitate the overall smooth functioning of marriages.

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