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If there is one thing that each and every profession has in common is that they continually involve. In the case of software and IT, the pace of change can be phenomenally fast. And so initial training for project managers is just the start. There is an expectation that as a professional manager with specific skills, you will continue to hone and develop these.

But there are other reasons why continually developing your skillset and training pays dividends within the field of project management;

  1. Maintain and drive standards

Standing still as a project manager means that your chosen field, such as software development, etc., will also standstill. Changes and improvements in any profession are driven by the people within it. Continuing your professional development continues to drive and refine these standards.

  1. Enhance the service you offer

As a project manager with training, skills, and experience, you could be in high demand. But, if your skillset is not in pace with current industry standards of expectations, you are in danger of being left behind. Updating your skillset keeps also improves the service you offer clients.

  1. Keeping pace with industry trends

You will know just how quickly things change within the field of software and IT. What was the latest development last week is old hat this week – or so it feels! Maintaining pace with industry trends is key.

  1. Contribute to your team

Many projects are run in teams and so being able to continue to contribute to teamwork is important. Making meaning contributions means you are being effective in what you do and can lead to other career enhancements such as leading teams, managing, influencing or coaching and mentoring others.

  1. Interested and interesting

By improving your skillset, you remain an interesting and interested project manager, something that every project and team can benefit from.

  1. Improved public and contractor confident

Aside from yourself being your biggest critic, you will find that the public won’t hold back when stories leak of incompetence in projects, no matter what they are. Contractors and clients are not buoyed by such stories either and so by continuing to train, you have an improved chance of delivering better projects which in turn boost public and contractor confidence.

  1. Improves your confidence and understanding

Skills and knowledge walk hand-in-hand with confidence. The more knowledge and broader skill set you have to fall back on, the more confident you will feel to push your career onwards and in the direction you want to go.

The benefits of project management training are many and varied, as too is maintaining a clear intention and pathway to improving on your skills. We should never stop learning because, without continued development, we cannot continue to grow our profession.

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