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Do you know which factor is the most significant one to be considered while designing a laptop, tablet, or any other device? It is probably the electricity consumption. 

Since laptops are used for hours long for a variety of purposes. Therefore, they must be designed so that they store electricity and provide you a maximum backup time. The best gaming laptop is one that is designed while keeping in mind all of the necessary factors.

The laptops that are made for gaming purposes are marvelous miracles. Aren’t they? Having a laptop that is good at installing every kind of game that your PC cannot and can carry the game around your backpack is a technical feat in itself. 

But sometimes you may think that about how many watts does a gaming laptop use? Well, surely, they consume less amount of electricity when compared to the PC. The electricity utilization of a laptop depends upon various factors. Sometimes it depends upon the laptop usage while other times, it depends upon the screen size of your laptop.  

Several folks buy gaming laptops just to save the electricity bills. Because the power consumption of a good laptop will surely range from 20 watts to 100 watts. While putting it on the power saving mode, they may consume up to 20 to 50 watts. Here I am discussing some of the factors that will directly affect the power consumption of a laptop. Read out the complete article to know about them. 


The usage of a laptop depends upon your CPU. If your laptop has a powerful yet good CPU, that means it will not use too many watts. If your laptop has a low quality and old CPU, then it will never be able to save the electricity and consume it even more than the normal.

Screen size:

One of the most important factors of saving power and electricity depends on your laptop’s screen size. Yes, laptops include numerous screen sizes. If the screen of your laptop ranges from 12 to 15 inches, it will consume 60 watts on average. While the laptop with 17 inches screen or more will consume about 70 or more watts on average. 


Indeed a graphic card also plays an essential role in saving the power of a laptop. Some of the laptops have their integrated graphic cards. But being a professional game player, you must know how to use a powerful video card that consumes more power but makes you an efficient player.


The adapter of a laptop also has a great effect on the power consumption of your laptop. Different laptops have different adapter’s capacities. A 15-inch screen laptop has a 65-watt adapter, while 17 inches will have a 90 watts adapter. So, it also depends upon the size of the adapter your laptop has. 

Laptop Model:

Another factor of power consumption is itself the model of your laptop. The consumption of electricity also depends on the laptop model because different laptop models have different power consumption capacity. Therefore, it depends on how well you choose your laptop. Because the best gaming laptop will have some benefits as well as a few drawbacks.

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