How many windows are enough in a small house?

Every home needs windows because they bring fresh air and take out the inside air. They play an important role when it comes to light and ventilation.  Although there can be many windows in one home depending on the size of the home. There could be 10 to 12 windows in one small home. But how windows should be placed, and whether they cover the ventilation effectively are some of the common questions that can pop in your head, especially in summer. 

Here, we will be looking at window count, how they should be placed, and window prices by size. So have a look below: 

  1. Windows in bedrooms

Usually, the bedrooms are likely to have just one window. It could be small or large depending on the size of the bedroom. In a bedroom setting, you can keep the bed anywhere it doesn’t affect the light in the room. 

  1. Living area

Many small houses have open plan areas or functional living areas that serve the need for open space in a jam-packed house. There you can have two or more windows here.

  1. Bathroom

Although there is less space in small houses, so they usually go with the ventilator kind of square window. 

  1. Kitchen

A kitchen is an important place in the house and there should be a window in your kitchen. It should be large enough to bring daylight. If your home has open floor plans, then make sure that the lounge or living room window is big enough to bring in light.

So, how many windows are there in a house?

We could say that an average home can have 8 windows. But is it possible to have a house without windows? Well, the answer is simply no. It wouldn’t be a home if there are no windows. It will become a prison. Plus, it won’t be an adequately constructed home because there is no ventilation system. It is not even legal to build a home without a window. It is a hundred percent psycho level.  

So why do houses need windows?

Windows have a lot of functions and besides the ventilation and fresh air, windows can keep out sound when they are closed. But they can work both ways as if you leave them open, you can hear voices from the outside. Let’s say children are playing in the lawn and if you leave the window open, you can hear them playing. The windows allow fresh air into different areas of a house to improve ventilation. Also, windows in Calgary can be practical and decorative at the same time.

How to place windows in a house?

Usually, the architects plan the placement of the window. They should be placed four or more feet above the ground. But these days, big houses have all sorts of weird windows. If possible, the position of the windows should be facing north or south rather than east or west as it is ideal for ventilation. Every window should start from the floor a few inches above and it can go high according to the ceiling. 

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