Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

It is said we should believe in signs to see things coming. Must have heard about various types of signs but how does a person read signs or catch the fact that now it’s time to go into that bathroom of yours and see red flags saying hot water system repair time! 

Below mentioned are some of the top signs you should never ignore. These indicate that its time to call a hot water plumber: 

1. Old Water heater   

It’s important to realize just how outdated your water supply is. The age of your water heater can be identified in the serial number of the heater on the manufacturer’s sticker. The serial number includes the date of manufacture of your water device. However, as each manufacturer has its own date code, the date will not be clearly specified in the serial number, so do a search on the manufacturers’ website to find out when your heater was made. 

Also, it is better for you to probably replace your water heater if it is more than ten years old, it definitely needs a hot water system replacement. 


2. Leaking Water Heat Tank 


As a sign of a leak or crack in your water tank, any sign of moisture outside and around your water tank should be taken seriously. 

It expands as the metal heats, revealing any slight cracks that may leak water from the water tank. The tank should avoid leaking when the metal cools down again. That said, you should verify that there are no other leaks from any tank connections or fittings. Holding water heaters longer than 10 years normally results in a leak that can ruin your house, so after 10 years of usage, it is highly suggested a hot water system replacement.


3. Multiple times repairing:


It will take many years after you have mounted your water heater before it ever causes you a problem. With age, however, it will begin to have issues that will require more frequent maintenance and replacement. You should consider only buying new if it reaches a point that the repairs become too substantial to a point that it will cost you the same price as purchasing a new one.


4. Lack of hot water


You may not experience complete failure often, but you may note a reduction in temperature. A shortage of hot water contributes to two major issues. Next, the presence in the tank of sediment. Second, sediment-induced issues with the heating elements. If they wear out or are unable to work properly, they will not heat the water to the temperature needed.


5. Rust-Coloured 


Water should be crystal clear from your hot water system. If your water comes out cloudy, muddy, or even looks rusty-colored at any moment, then this is a warning that your water heater is dying. 

It inevitably rusts when metal is left wet, and your water tank is made of metal. Within hot water storage tanks, the Best water Heater sacrificial anodes are mounted. These are made of a particular metal that will rust over your storage tank preferentially, in effect maintaining the tank’s structural integrity. 

6. Muddy water:

Did the water just turn brown? That is a sign of a failing water heater and may, if not treated immediately, destroy the entire plumbing system. The metal tank typically begins to rust from the inside due to aging. At the bottom of the tank, the rust will begin to flake off and settle. 

Over time, it will settle and form a dense sludge at the bottom. Both the water and sludge will be stirred when the water pump is turned on, allowing the hot water going into the house to be filthy and muddy, and potentially poisonous. If you continue to receive dirty and rusty water, call a professional hot water plumber to support you to ensure that you regularly clean your tank to avoid this problem.

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