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ACCA in Singapore

ACCA membership is one of the most prestigious accountancy qualifications that millions of aspirants from around the world strives to achieve each year.

For this, you will have to complete a series of academic papers along with substantial years of practical experience working as part of an account ting firm, to be able to get good grades in examination and master your confidence during the interview.

But how do you prepare for such a crucial test?

Singapore has a range of ACCA courses that you can pursue both online and offline to increase your chances of becoming an ACCA member or even just kick start your accountancy career.

The cost of studying ACCA in Singapore depends on the number of papers and the quality of tuition that issues to pursue at a particular time.

With the prizes ranging from S$150 to S$1700, depending on whether you want to undergo the standard our premium version of tuition, along with an extra boost of revision as the exam dates comes close by.

Read on to learn about some of the benefits of earning an ACCA qualification and why studying in Singapore is a great way to obtain the right value of your time and money invested.

What will you learn from the ACCA course in Singapore?

Qualifying in ACCA certification programmes and Singapore will give you the liberty to take up accounting jobs within Singapore as well as overseas, based on your commendable skill sets.

To apply for a preparatory ACCA course all you need is to have a good grasp of mathematics and accountancy related subjects, along with proof of English proficiency if you belong to a non-native English speaking country.

You can also plan to undergo a foundation level programme in accountancy before jumping into an ACCA preparation, to set a good grounding of the popular concepts being taught to the future ACCA members.

Besides covering the entire syllabus, the knowledge, skills and professional level of the ACCA examination, you will also obtain a range of career support services such as expert guided resume building, professional networking and placement assistance, once you have qualified with the ACCA.

Our online learning platform allows you to participate in unlimited practise mock examinations there are conducted by the international ACCA body and get your hands on notes and study materials that can prove to be beneficial for understanding the lecture recordings and live online classes.

Preparing for your ACCA exam from Singapore not only helps you increase your chances of passing the final papers but also track your performance with the help of our in house learning management platform.

Achieving the ACCA fellowship might seem to be overwhelming in the beginning but relying on industry experts’ support throughout your preparation can ease the stress multi-fold.

If you are dedicated enough to make a long term commitment towards accounting ethics and professionalism and are looking to acquire extensive industry experience to become eligible to apply for chartered accountant profiles, then apply to the ACCA professional qualifications programme in Singapore right now!

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